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Encounter in the Park

By Rosie on January 18, 2021 Track: Youth Development Region: Latin America

            If you’ve been following my newsletters, you’ll remember that I went to the park in the beginning of December, and after having a strange feeling that I should bring an extra coffee mug, I did indeed receive an unexpected visitor when a little girl (and her little dog too!) appeared in the quiet park and stopped a while to chat. This evening park-picnic ended with an invitation to a second more official park-picnic. I wasn’t quite sure how God would use this, but I knew He would.             Within the SAME WEEKEND, I got the idea that maybe God was using that first encounter in... Read more

Those One on Ones

By Rosie on December 16, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Latin America

     “Well, how are you doing?”      A long pause. A sigh. Silence…      “Umm, well… so often I just feel… like I’m just messing up… all the time… and I’m struggling and upset, and going through stuff… and I don’t know what I’m doing… and you call me and say things like, ‘I’m so proud of you, I’m encouraged to see your life, and watch you say yes to God over and over again,’ and… sometimes I don’t even want to talk to God. Even though I know deep down that I love Him with all my heart… I just… don’t want to read my Bible enough, and I’m just… not the leader role model that you would think... Read more

middle school ministry is the best!

By Belicia on December 15, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

Now if you're a parent of a middle schooler you're welcome to disagree with me on this since you live with them BUT middle school ministry is the best ministry. I was lucky enough to be a middle school leader for four years and those four years included hundreds of ultimate frisbee matches, hundreds of (friendly) yelling matches and hundreds of pizza pick ups. You can't tell me that doesn't sound amazing! Don't get me started on summer camps with middle schoolers, a week away from their parents where they eat whatever they want, fall asleep whenever they want and get to experience God in the... Read more

The Sun is in the Sky...

By Rosie on November 25, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Latin America

Dear Diary…             I really am blessed and thankful. There have been some rough ups and downs- some bumpy patches this month as expected. But today, the sun is in the sky, shining again- still, regardless of my puny circumstances. And this I find as evidence of God’s incomprehensible, constant, greatness. Read more


By Emily on November 9, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

My story is my own. It is mine to share with who I choose.      Those who are safe. Those who will respect the pain. Those who have felt the deep loss of what could have been. Those who have mourned fully.       Those who have searched to their core, and found the bottom.        Those who love me. Those that love me for what I am. Not what I give to them, or offer them. Those people who are whole with the knowledge of who they are.    People who don't need anything from me. Those are the people I will give myself to.        The spaces where I am enough. That is where I will make myself known... Read more

Between Hearts

By Emily on November 9, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

I realized that my story isn't the kind that I will ever share in front of a congregation.   It isn't the kind of testimony that I will paraid around a church or publish in a book.       I always wanted an important story. A story with an impressive middle and inspiring end.        I mourned that I didn't have one. That I didn't matter. I mourned that I was a painfully average, good Christian girl.       Now I have had to mourn the loss of that not being true.        My eyes have opened. I have seen reality as facts. Instead of the fiction I painted to survive.        My story will be one... Read more


By Emily on November 9, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

Life is full of pain. Whether we choose to see it or not. If it's not pain inside of us, it is still out there.   Will we look at it? Will we let it touch us? Will we feel it.   Will we let people touch us? Will we let their stories become a part of us?         Will I allow myself to be vulnerable? Will I let people see the power they have in my life. Will I open myself up. Will I let them touch my heart.   Read more


By Emily on November 9, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

What matters to you? What matters at all?    I've found what matters to me. I've decided that people matter.   In the middle of my pain I had decided that nothing matters. I morned. Deep in the loss of everything that had held dear.    But then in the middle of myself, in the center of myself, in the deepest of my pain, I found something.   Something does matter.    People matter.    In the core of who I am, other people matter to me. I haven't found why yet.    I know on the surface that God is why they matter. But I haven't found out why yet that they matter to me.    Read more

What matters

By Emily on November 9, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

What are the reasons people (individuals) do not matter (to society)?  1. Because they are homeless. 2. Because they are poor. 3. Because they are obese. 4. Because they are ugly. 5. Because they don't believe they deserve to matter.     Why do people (individuals) matter? 1. Because people think the individual does. Or 2. Because the individual thinks they do.   Why do I matter.   Because people matter.  Because I am people. I am a person. So I matter.   Why do people matter?   Why, do, people, matter?  Why?   Because they do.    But why do they matter to me? Because they are souls.   ... Read more

God's chosen path

By Emily on November 9, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

I don't believe there is one path chosen for us. I don't believe there is one path that is the best. I believe we choose every step. That God simply loves us. That he is pleased with us. That no matter what decision we make "good" or "bad" God steps with us. I believe he knows our pain better than we know it ourselves. That He cries for us and with us. That he is the first to sit down with us and just sit for a while. That he just wants to be with us.  How could someone who loves us so much have a designated path for us that he doesn't give us the directions for. There isn't a wrong path.... Read more