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Christmas...In February....

By Frank on February 18, 2015 Track: Sports Region: Middle East

I realize we're like, way past it already, and a Valentines Day post would be much more appropriate, but I haven't posted since November (oops...) so I'm going to go ahead and say a very very late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you from Turkey!  I hope that the advent season was an incredibly blessed time for each of you filled with carols, movies, lights, cookies, ugly sweaters, loved ones, and most of all, encountering Jesus in new and special ways.   Christmas in Turkey kinda blows because, well, it isn't celebrated here.  Go outside in December and it feels no different than... Read more

An update from Turkey

By George on February 14, 2015 Track: Sports Region: Middle East

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all doing well. Winter finally came to my part of the world in the last month and half. January saw record colds here. And just this week we saw snow! I was excited. It has been very cold the last couple days but we are surviving. The cold has made football difficult. Most of our players are not coming and it is hard to teach and practice when only 15 guys show up. And to top it off, we are still having problems with our sponsors for the open league team. The longer our season goes without a game, the more I have come to accept that we won't be having a game... Read more

A Year In

By Frank on November 12, 2014 Track: Sports Region: Middle East

I'm over half way through 2 year term, I'm incredibly excited for this coming year, especially as I reflect back to where I was about a year ago.  I had just gotten off of a plane in this foreign country, not knowing what to expect, not knowing a soul, having little knowledge of the city, culture, food, and I barely could even say "hello" in their language.  I had no idea what football would be like, and I wasn't in good game shape.  The biggest unknown, though, was how Turks would respond to me, and more importantly, to the Gospel message.  A year later I have come to know and love this city... Read more

Summer Outreach

By Frank on November 12, 2014 Track: Sports Region: Middle East

Hello!  Greetings and blessings from Izmir!  I hope this post finds each of you not only doing well, but comprehending through the Spirit the "breadth and length and height and depth" of God's love for each of us, which was demonstrated in Christ's blood being sacrificially spilt on the cross.  It's been a while since I last posted, and while I should maybe be catching you up on what daily life is looking like, I'm going to take this oportunity to share about a highlight of my past year, an outreach trip.   The form of ministry I am doing daily here in my city is very much incarnational.  It... Read more

Izmir, Turkey

By DougandEllen on October 20, 2014 Track: Sports Region: Middle East

It was 8pm at night when I was leaving the apartment that I had lived in for the last year, focused on the trip ahead and not the emotion of leaving (as I tend to do with every trip).  I stopped in to the Playstation salon that I had frequented, kind of like an arcade but with comfortable chairs and video game consoles, to give the owner my favorite game that he always asked me about; and to speak the last Turkish I would speak in my former home.  ‘’Bir hediye, senin için’’, a gift for you.  I walked down to the shuttle station with 2/5th of my former team, said goodbye, and got on the... Read more

Peace That Surpasses All Understanding

By DougandEllen on July 14, 2014 Track: Sports Region: Middle East

Peace that surpasses all understanding to me involves being silent and waiting on God.  I know that when I snap back, get defensive, or judge I do not have peace.  In any conflict with another person, all it takes is one thought: he/she really does love me, I'm sure I'll learn from this, maybe they intended to help me with that, etc.  Jesus can do a lot with a positive thought...just one thought.   I find that I have been finding peace now in times that I would be grieved in the past.  God has really been revealing His heart to me.  Today I opened up Lamentations - a book I had only read once... Read more


By DougandEllen on July 7, 2014 Track: Sports Region: Middle East

I came to a conclusion a few months ago about faith.  Hebrews says faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen – according to the KJV.  Instead of ‘evidence’, other versions use ‘assurance’ or ‘conviction’.  I started to think about how God gave Isaac a son, how He brought the Jews out of Egypt and performed many miracles, how He brought them to the promised land, how He fought their enemies for them, how He gave them a king even though He warned them and how He brought up David, a king after His own heart.  How He ministered to that king and through that... Read more

Turk Testimony

By DougandEllen on May 14, 2014 Track: Sports Region: Middle East

My friend shares his testimony of how he came to know Jesus. Read more

Floor Ball

By DougandEllen on May 9, 2014 Track: Sports Region: Middle East

Last weekend, Team Olur and the football team went down to Mersin, Turkey to play the Mersin Mustangs in our last game of the season.  I chose to play in this one.  I had 3 scores (two touchdowns, one 2 point conversion) and over 100 yards – and I was so sore I moved like a cripple.  We stayed at the house of my wife’s friend’s cousin who was really nice.  She and her family are believers and are very hospitable.  They took us to their church where we met their pastor, Victor.  Victor moved from Korea to Istanbul with his wife and two sons about 15 years ago.  They were doing ministry and... Read more

The greatest is Love

By DougandEllen on May 1, 2014 Track: Sports Region: Middle East

Jesus' birth is celebrated December 25, but He was actually born in the Spring around May or June.  This is a reminder to me that Abba Father wants to be near to me.  This means that I am victorious and that I can rejoice with my brothers and sisters in Christ, not just about my own victories, but about their victories as well.  Last month was full of ups and downs.  As I reflect back, I connect with Jesus in a new way.  I've mainly tried to deal with things with intelligence and effort.  I train my friend Og (whom I've blogged about before) and while we train I focus on sets, reps, form,... Read more