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By Amy on January 23, 2017 Track: Sports Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

I went bungee jumping at Victoria Falls over Christmas and to say the least, I was freaking out. I was the first one of my group to jump and I had the whole crowd laughing at me because of how I was acting! (Tip: don't watch the video of the bungee breaking on a girl who jumped there before you go and jump) I waddled up to the edge to bridge and stood looking down at where I would fall, telling (more like screaming)  at the instructors not to push me off, I was too afraid to jump. The instructor looked at me and said something I will never forget, he looked at me and said very calmly, "... Read more


By Amy on November 30, 2016 Track: Sports Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

It's a weird time of year here, the rains are supposed to be coming and it is very very very hot. With Christmas approaching, I just keep thinking to myself, it doesn't feel like Christmas. I'm used to cold, maybe even snow, and all of the festivities that the holidays bring in the States. Those aren't here and so I've been listening to a lot of Christmas music to try and get in my brain that it is actually nearly December. But because it doesn't "feel" like Christmas because i haven't been doing my normal holiday festivities, i've been able to focus a lot more on what Christmas really is. A... Read more

Hilton or Motel 6?

By AaronR on November 29, 2016 Track: Sports Region: Europe

Home will always be deep in the heart of Texas for me but I have known that, since I was 17, I would be called to move and live in places of unknown qualities and discomfort. To me this meant living in places like along the Amazon River. I never thought this meant another first world country like Germany. You hear first world and you immediately think oh that transition won’t be too tough. That idea couldn’t be more false.  I believe God prepared me since I was young to find home in the discomfort. My dad being a youth pastor sent us different places in the United States as well as overseas... Read more


By Amy on October 31, 2016 Track: Sports Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

Rafiki means friend in Swahili. I have been taking Swahili lessons a few hours every week in Dzaleka, I would say it is the most common language spoken throughout the camp. My tutor is a 20 year old from DRC named Jessy. The time that I get to spend with her is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the week, she teaches me so much more than just Swahili, my favorite moments are when we get to talk about life and Jesus together. She is so full of energy and joy and depth and can always make me laugh about all the mistakes I make when I am trying to talk. One day, she was asking me when... Read more

Thorns In My Side

By AaronR on October 28, 2016 Track: Sports Region: Europe

Hello All, I have officially been here over a month but it feels as if I have been here much longer. This isn't because I am not enjoying my time and all of the potential but because so much has happened. My cohort touched down here in a split second and it seems like in another split second we have all been spread out and fully involved in living here. I finally had a moment the other day of "this is home". I was out on my own exploring the city and I finally felt the familiarity that you feel when you have been gone, return and start to see known places. It was cool! Now, it is still all... Read more

You're right... you're not enough.

By Elizabeth on October 4, 2016 Track: Sports Region: Europe

I am in my last few days of support raising and am constantly surprised by the ways God is using this time to break me down and rebuild me even stronger. Each time I really try to reflect on what God has been doing I am blown away by the ways I have grown and the things he is teaching me! The other night, I was lying in bed so frustrated with this whole process, struggling with the fact that I cannot take one more day of support raising; I have been fighting with God for weeks now so confused and exhausted. In the midst of this frustration, very distinct words kept playing in my head. “You’re... Read more

A Child of God

By Amy on October 1, 2016 Track: Sports Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

Child-like faith. "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." The holiday conference at There is Hope was themed "who is a child of God". The children got to learn more about what that means and I got to learn a lot about joy. It'a something I've been reading about lately. It's a fruit of the Spirit, Ann Voskamp says, "Senses are impaired if they don't sense the Spirit." The source of joy is always there. It is a choice whether I see it or not, so why do I choose not to see it, to sense it, so often? I'm thankful for the... Read more

Oh the IRONY!

By Elizabeth on September 7, 2016 Track: Sports Region: Europe

Irony has a funny way of wiggling its little self into our lives, but we usually do not see it until after the fact. As my summer of support raising begins to come to an end, I am giggling in unbelief at all of the ironies unfolding… Twelve weeks of support raising. If you asked me a year ago if I thought I would spend the summer after graduation asking people to give me money to share the Good News for two years I would laugh in your face. Not because I didn’t want to go, but because the thought of support raising was the absolute farthest thing from my mind. I was completely avoiding... Read more


By Amy on September 7, 2016 Track: Sports Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

Meet Tea (pronounced like Tayah), our new baby. He was born to our neighbor and my friends and I our his aunties.  We were put in charge of naming him, we tried to find a meaningful Chichewa name so we were thinking the name Muyo. When we went to see him and give him his name, his father and mother wanted it to be something where they could remember us, so his name now is the first letter of all three of our names. It was a very exciting day for us all and the best thing to be aunties to this little boy.  Read more

Sea of Galilee Waterbeds Inc.

By AaronR on September 5, 2016 Track: Sports Region: Europe

Hello all! I write this blog looking at just three weeks before I will be sitting in Germany and writing a new blog. I sit in a weird state of mind. I am very excited but am also in a very heavy reflective mode. I tend to analyze and ponder on many things but there is one particular question I am still chewing on. I sit with the question "Is Jesus worth it?" but that is followed with a quick and certain "YES!!". It is a great question that I think every person should ask themselves and really chew on.  With that said, I must push forward with all that I have. I have been working non-stop for... Read more