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Be Where You Are

By Alex on August 23, 2017 Track: Sports Region: Europe

I am from a really small town called Paris, Texas. Paris like many other small towns does not have much to do and it is not the most exciting place in the world in a city of a little over twenty five thousand we are literally two hours from any major city, which makes it feel even smaller. Over the past three months during my support raising I have found that I am only physically here, but mentally, and spiritiually I find myself every where and anywhere but Paris. I have been so focused on what I will be doing in Berlin and so excited about spreading the gospel through sports in Berlin that... Read more


By Amy on July 14, 2017 Track: Sports Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

People who have been in the resettlement process for quite some time have actually been able to go to the United States recently. A family I really love went just last week! When a family gets resettled from Dzaleka, it is always a big party. I went to the send off of Yamungu, his wife and 3 girls. Hundreds of people were outside the community building and the atmosphere was full of so much excitement. The famiy and friends all travel to the airport with them in a caravan and say goodbye at the airports. It is one of my favorite things to be a part of, being able to answer questions about the... Read more

Beatitudes Of A Sojourner

By AaronR on July 11, 2017 Track: Sports Region: Europe

There was a point in time where comfort was the pursuit. I thought, what else is there to do but find a sustainable job, beautiful wife, have kids and go to church on Sundays? I viewed this as the ideal situation for the believer. I thought this is what being blessed was defined as by following God. Being blessed was angled at the things to be obtained rather than the One placing them before you. Then came the life of a Sojourner. Sojourner is defined as someone who resides temporarily in one place. The Bible often refers to them as strangers. I looked at the template of worldly comfort and... Read more


By Alex on June 30, 2017 Track: Sports Region: Europe

Having control over a situation is something that I struggle with in my life. It is not something that is easy for me to give up and know that everything will be okay. I do not think I hade ever really just let God fully take control of every part of my life, that was until support raising.  Support raising has taught me what it trully means to not be in control over something and has been a huge test to my faith as well as helped me grow a tremendous amount over the past month. God has shown me what it really means to trust him and what it looks like to move out of the drivers seat and in... Read more

Nostalgia Man...

By Elizabeth on June 14, 2017 Track: Sports Region: Europe

I am sitting in complete awe that over a year has passed since I began my journey with GoCorps. I remember around this time two years ago praying if this was the right thing to do. I remember telling everyone I knew that I was going to join, and secretly being terrified that it would never actually happen. I remember the day I got accepted and me and my mom cried because the reality of me leaving for two years was becoming real. I remember the suffocating fear I had leaving training, realizing I had to raise all my support to come. I remember all the sleepless nights and tear filled... Read more

Who I am

By Alex on June 1, 2017 Track: Sports Region: Europe

My name is Alex Miller and I have just recently graduated from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton, Texas. I will be doing the sports ministry track in Berlin, Germany! This is very different for me because I grew up in Paris, Texas and have never really experienced the big city atmosphere, but I am extremely excited about this because I have always enjoyed playing sports and building relationships through sports. The reason for me choosing to do the sports track in Germany is because I love God, People and sports so I thought that this was perfect for me. Going into college I... Read more

"You are Malawian"

By Amy on May 24, 2017 Track: Sports Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

I've had the phrase, "you are Malawian" said to me a few times lately and I feel a little proud every time I hear it! This usually comes after I say a phrase in Chichewa, eat some nsima, mzimbe(sugarcane) or nkwani(pumpkin leaves), I've even come to like nyemba(beans) and nonverbally communicate like they do. There are so many different things I've come to love about Malawi and it's culture and when I hear this, even if they are joking, I take it as a compliment! Read more

The Aftermath of Terror

By Elizabeth on March 28, 2017 Track: Sports Region: Europe

Our hearts are all breaking after the tragic events that took place in London on Thursday. Where I live I can feel the tension... the hurt... the fear that has captured so many. It has caused us to question our neighbors, to fear passersby who wear scarves, and to isolate our friends. New York. Paris. Belgium. Germany. London. The whole world is briefly silenced each time an attack happens. We unite, we cry, and we vow to never let another atrocity like this happen in our backyard. But the aftermath looks much different than we think. Instead of uniting together and pointing the finger at... Read more

You Can Find Purpose in the Morning Without Coffee?

By AaronR on February 13, 2017 Track: Sports Region: Europe

What Is My Purpose? Do you see the man in the above picture? I wonder if he questioned the same thing. What is my purpose? I'd like to be honest. This has been the question on my mind lately. I heard God's calling and hopped on a plane to head to Berlin. Now I am sitting here in an IKEA (because of the free WIFI) asking this very question. It isn't that I regret coming or wish that I wasn't here but rather a question that I think we should all ask consistently throughout our lives. I think we should ask ourselves because of the reminder that we wake up everyday with a purpose. I get up early... Read more

Don't Ask a Fish

By Elizabeth on February 9, 2017 Track: Sports Region: Europe

If you want to know what water is like, don’t ask a fish. A fish has never lived outside it’s blue, watery environment. It can’t explain how it breathes, what water feels like and it has no clue what life outside of water is like. I kind of feel like a fish out of water for the first time. My whole life I have grown up surrounded by a common culture. Our tea is sweet, are words are drawn out, and we bless everyone’s hearts. That’s my life. But what happens when everything in your life changes? When the tea is no longer sweet, but hot with a drop of milk. When the chips are actually fries... Read more