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Better Than Having Superpowers

By Aaron on May 10, 2020 Track: Sports Region: Europe

Here’s a train of thought that runs through my mind often during the era of covid-19: What’s the one thing that has a hold over every single person in the world more than anything else?  Death.  The fear of dying.  Mankind’s single greatest adversary.  What if there was a way to loosen the hold it had over us?  In my life right now, the one thing that worries me more than anything else is when I have serious problems with my own health.  Nothing else has really ever given me anxiety before… but going through unanswered questions about frightening symptoms can really shake me up.  Having an... Read more

It’s Okay to have Expat Friends

By Bethany on February 17, 2020 Track: Sports Region: Africa - North

I have found that very often there is this culture amongst cross-cultural workers that frowns upon socializing with other expats. Although there obviously needs to be a balance, I have found this idea quite flawed. We often tell ourselves “we are here to die to self, and embrace this new culture”, forgoing any ideas of comfort that come with “home”. We leave a meeting with a friend who is also a foreigner almost disappointed with ourselves because that time was not spent with locals.   STOP IT! This unspoken “rule” of letting go of everything in the past is plain ridiculous and downright... Read more

Stuck in the Hallway

By Aaron on October 28, 2019 Track: Sports Region: Europe

I can safely say that the past three weeks have been some of the most frustrating that I can remember. Maybe that’s not saying much, I’m not sure. I’m terrible at being patient, and I really despise feeling useless, like I’m not fulfilling some important purpose. Visa trouble is one of those things you hear about and say, “Aw shoot, bummer dude,” but figure it could never happen to you… until it does. What I’m learning from others in the world of missions is that it’s not uncommon to have delays getting a visa, or even to get denied on the first try. But, I don’t like getting denied, so I’m... Read more

Unexpected Changes

By Aaron on August 27, 2019 Track: Sports Region: Europe

Towards the end of my support raising, I've noticed a strange change in many of my relationships.  Especially as many friends and acquaintances move back into the area for another year of school, I've noticed that my impending departure seems to almost hang like a shadow over many conversations I have.  It enters the conversation eventually.  It seems to make some people uncomfortable, which makes me feel odd.  I've only had a couple people ask what actually led to making this decision, and try to uncover my motives.  Most are just excited about travel, memories, and everything that I'll get... Read more

Love is a Feeling, Not a Decision

By Bethany on July 31, 2019 Track: Sports Region: Africa - North

I hope I got your attention with that title ;) now stay with me for a little bit…   This week, I walked into my school, pretty tired and ready for some coffee. As I walked through the door, one of the facilitators of the school prepped me, “They are going to ask you if love is a choice or a feeling”. After grabbing my coffee, sure enough, as I sat down to join the teachers, a mix of the majority and believers, I was asked the infamous question. When I asked who had said what, I was shocked to find out that all the believers said that love was a choice, whereas all those in the majority said... Read more

Do we grieve God’s heart when we do not Sabbath?

By Bethany on July 9, 2019 Track: Sports Region: Africa - North

I had the blessing of attending a conference in Europe a couple weeks ago. While there, one of the things discussed was sabbathing. For someone like myself who does not know how to rest well and also lives in a high stress megacity, sabbathing is something I need to force myself into practicing. I wanted to share some thoughts that were brought up during this conference. Hopefully this will be the same kind, call to action I received. --- Sabbath was established by God from the beginning of time. Before sin entered the world, God exemplified its significance by resting himself. Additionally,... Read more

Shot Across the Ocean

By Aaron on May 31, 2019 Track: Sports Region: Europe

  Shot across the ocean.  That's what I feel is going to happen to me; but not against my wish.  God has made it abundantly clear in just the last 3 months that he has much work for me to do in Italy.  I have great purpose.  My heart has been taken captive by the plight of young Italians, especially those on the island of Sicily, where I will be living.  They have given up on any existence of God.  They are hopeless and cynical about the future.  And that's why I must be a part of bringing the Light to them.  It all started with a simple prayer, "God, what do you have for me?"  My plans to... Read more

Processing Loss from Overseas

By Bethany on May 24, 2019 Track: Sports Region: Africa - North

Last week, when I came home from a team meeting, I received a phone call from my parents telling me that my friend Daniel had passed away. The shock to hear that my 20 year old friend’s life was taken so suddenly is something I still have not processed through deeply. How does one even begin to grieve? How does one process grief thousands of miles away? As much as my heart broke, my heart felt even more shattered knowing how far away I am from my friends who are grieving as well. I found myself scrolling through social media for the next several days, reading every post I could find about... Read more

"You Look Really Familiar!"

By Bethany on May 23, 2019 Track: Sports Region: Africa - North

One of the most common comments I get no matter where in the world is “you remind me of someone/my friend/my relative! You should meet them!” I have never particularly enjoyed this comment as I feel quite boring or ununique. I’d like to think I am one of a kind and stand out from those around me, so when I hear this comment, I get rather discouraged. One of my friends in the majority here gave me a sweet reminder in regards to this comment. She reminded me that having a familiar face brings comfort and trust automatically. This allows me to become much more trustworthy as I am associated with... Read more

Overflowing Grace

By Bethany on April 12, 2019 Track: Sports Region: Africa - North

A few weeks ago, I started and finished Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. If you have not read this book, I 110% recommend you do so! This book shares the story of Hosea in the 1850's during the California Gold Rush. Oh my word, I wish I could describe how truly incredible this book is. After completing this phenomenal novel, I sat down by the River and reflected and read through the book Hosea a couple times. As we see throughout history, God's people continually turn their backs on Him and chose to focus their attention on anything other than their Creator. It is not until His people... Read more