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Joy: Singing while Cooking, Praising while Living

By Isaac on November 4, 2013 Track: Teaching Region: Europe

I’m learning a lot lately about joy. That’s a good thing, especially seeing that the only way to learn most things is to experience them. I’m experiencing a lot of joy lately. But not all the same kinds. I want to – in fact, I’m about to – use food as a fitting metaphor for joy. But I can’t do so without acknowledging that I’m not the first, since I’m stealing the idea straight out of the Bible, where bread is more than once used to stand for daily sustenance and provision. And because I can, I’m adding music as well. Music and food are my signs of joy. I eat every day. I play music (almost)... Read more

Teaching as Witness

By Isaac on November 3, 2013 Track: Teaching Region: Europe

            I keep trying to bear in mind why I’m here. To teach English, that’s the first-level answer, and not a bad one. That is why I came here, and what I’m doing. But then I can ask again: so why did I come here to teach English? This whole idea is supposed to be for God and for the Russian people – so how does teaching fulfill that?             Of course there is the hope that I may be able to witness to students or others with whom I build that significant a relationship. But those opportunities will not be frequent, and only God knows what will come of them. Whence, then, will come... Read more


By Brianna on October 6, 2013 Track: Teaching Region: Europe

Hey, I made it to Pushkin, Russia! Safe and sound! Go team, go! We started teaching (I believe) about three weeks ago and it's been really good. I'm learning a lot about how much time to spend on lesson planning and how to really have fun in my classroom and loosen up. These projects are from my living English classes where students learn English through regular academic subjects, such as science, social studies, or math. This day, we were learning about states of matter!!! It's really fun! GO TEACHERS! -Brianna Read more

Right Now, I'm Right Here

By Isaac on October 5, 2013 Track: Teaching Region: Europe

Right now, I am in a place I call “home.” It is in Russia. I live here. I know some of the bus routes and a few of the landmarks, and I take this place to be my home area, my environs, for this first stage of life out of university. Right now, I am a teacher. I never sit in class, I choose the topics and plan the lessons and control all the discussions and give and collect and grade homework and wear a tie and write on the whiteboard and almost forget that I was a student, like, five months ago. Right now, I am working for God. I’m working through a Christian organization for the ultimate... Read more

Train to Wittenberg

By Rebecca on October 3, 2013 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Europe

***Photo---Evette and I went on a free walking tour to the Brandenburg Gate last Friday (9/27/13)*** God has encouraged me so much over the past few days, with the most encouraging story taking place Saturday.  Saturday, I went with Timo, his kids, John, and Alicia (both serving the youth at Timo’s church) and traveled to Brandenburg, our neighboring state/district in Germany.  Timo wanted to show us the countryside of Germany, and this was a great way to do it. We took a train to get to Brandenburg.  And during the train ride, I was able to have a conversation with a guy from Germany (though... Read more