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Fundraising is For the Birds!

By Robby on May 29, 2014 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Europe

When I got home from GoWeek last Friday night, I felt relatively good. Tired of course, from a week of waking up early and brain-stretching training and the flight home, but also good. It had been a good week of meeting people and learning how to raise money so that I could follow God's calling in Berlin for the next two years. Despite the fears and inner conflicts that had occasionally sprung up during GoWeek, I was feeling good, confident that God would provide.  I was sitting in the comfortable chair in the living room, watching Orioles baseball, when I opened my ReachGlobal email account... Read more

Easter: Sunshine and Rest, Meat and Wine

By Isaac on May 29, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Europe

Among all the annual Holy Days (holidays) celebrated by Christians, none is of greater import than Easter. The Grand Miracle of the Incarnation which begins with Christmas reaches its fulfillment here, and even the incredible sacrifice which God the Father made of His own willing Son on Good Friday is ultimately meaningless, says Paul, if Death had been allowed to keep His prize – but Jesus broke forever the power of sin and Death and if that isn’t worth celebrating, nothing ever has been. Not the Super Bowl, not your birthday, not a new bicycle or a baby or anything. Unlike Christmas, which... Read more

One Holy Saturday: The Moment I'm Here For

By Isaac on May 28, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Europe

The word ‘holiday’ only means ‘holy day,’ and even if sometimes what it really means is that schools and post offices are closed and there are sales on cars and mattresses, sometimes holidays really do retain some holiness. This Saturday was Holy Saturday, and it was. Saturday was beautiful. Saturday was why I’m in Russia. Saturday was holy. If you haven’t yet read the previous post, about Good Friday, you can do that now; this one will still be here when you’re done, and it will be easier to understand. And: because I am, simply, the worst at getting the pictures I need, I don’t have one of... Read more

Skills to Build the Tabernacle

By Kelsey on May 28, 2014 Track: Media - Arts Region: Europe

I am going through 100 days of devotions in the book "The God Ask" and Day 3 has really blessed me today. The passage is Exodus 25 and 35:21. I ended up reading 25-35 and I am very thankful.  Here is what is going on: God is giving Moses the details of what to build for the Tabernacle. He is giving him the specific demintions of the mery seat, the ark of the covenant, the table for the bread of presence and the lampstand. (and more!) After these instructions, he calls out two guys, Bezalel and Oholiab, and says this about them: To Bezalel: "he has filled him with divine spirit, with skill,... Read more

Good Friday: School and a Party and the Father who Loved

By Isaac on May 27, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Europe

In trying to do some justice here to the past semester, I have a lot that should have been posted long ago, including several posts, of which this is the first, written a couple of weeks ago but not until now seeing the light of internet. Of these, I really need to start here, in mid-April, with an epic trilogy that really shows bits of most of what I’ve been doing all year. Easter weekend, in all its glory, is far, far too good to be left unshared. Easter often falls on different dates in the Western and Orthodox traditions, but this year it is on the same Sunday for both. The whole weekend... Read more

Let the Adventure Begin

By Emily on May 21, 2014 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Europe

Hello!I'm Emily and a few weeks ago I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in neuroscience. The past 4 years have been a blast and Pittsburgh has become one of my favorite cities, although it could do with a bit more sunshine. My life in the Steel City has come to a close though and in the fall I'll be heading to the Middle East to work with a refugee ministry.  I am very excited to explore a new city and culture, and I can't wait to try the food! I know that God is going to challenge me and make me grow in many new ways over the next few months and years, and I'm looking... Read more

The Adventure Begins!!

By Diedre on May 21, 2014 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Europe

Hello cyber world! My name is Diedre and I am beyond excited to be moving to Berlin, Germany this September. It has been a long process getting to this point but I’m here and this dream is finally starting to become a reality. A little bit about me is I graduated from Malone University with two degrees, psychology and business administration. I have a family whom I love very much and who is excited for me and this adventure. For almost four years now I have felt God calling me to work overseas bringing justice to the afflicted and that’s why I previously stated that this dream is becoming a... Read more

It's just the beginning

By Beth on May 21, 2014 Track: Media - Arts Region: Europe

GoWeek 2014 Welcome to my first blog post of a two year journey God has placed me on! First, I want to give you a little background about how God chose me to be a missionary for two years. After graduating from Northwestern College, now University of Northwestern- St. Paul, (yes, I know the new name is not gramatically correct :)) I taught elementary music at three different public schools. These years were great learning opportunities and helped me grow tremendously as an educator. As I was looking for a different teaching position this past year, a familiar feeling started to resurface that... Read more

GoWeek 2014

By Liz on May 21, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Europe

Hey Everyone this is Liz, welcome to my new blog!  I am a recent graduate from Michigan Tech where I studied Environmental Engineering, and for about 6 months now I have been on a journey of following God's call to be a short term missionary overseas.  I started this journey by applying with Go Corps, a mission mobilizing organization, who connected me with Reach Global.  I am now preparing to serve with Reach Global in Budapest, Hungary as the English as a Second Language program coordinator.  I am nervous and so excited to see what God has in store.  I have already been so blessed to see... Read more

Robby is Going to Germany

By Robby on May 21, 2014 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Europe

Hello friends,  This is Robby. Whether you know me or not, greetings. This is my blog, where I will be letting you know what is going on with me as I live and serve in Germany. I graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a degree in Criminal Justice 4 days ago, and now I am preparing to go to Germany to serve victims of human trafficking and to tell them and others about Jesus. Serving however I can.  Right now there are numerous emotions going on, and I have not yet had time to process them all. They are not all active emotions either, different ones pop up at different times. Two... Read more