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Entering Berlin Well

By Robby on September 3, 2014 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Europe

As the summer has progressed and my departure date has approached, I have thought more and more about how different things will be in Berlin as compared to what I am used to in the United States. Some things are really obvious, like the dominant language being German rather than English. But other things are not so obvious. Standards of modesty, behavior in public, work ethic, etc. might all be different. For example, in Germany it is not uncommon for strangers to share a table at a restaurant if it is crowded. The very thought of doing this myself or having a stranger suddenly sit down at... Read more

The Ways of Affirmation

By Kelsey on August 27, 2014 Track: Media - Arts Region: Europe

One of the sweet things about in living in community is freedom to speak affirmation into each other's lives. Through affirmation we are able to understand ourselves better, and to better understand and appreciate the way that God made us.  But what is sweeter than that? Affirmation from the word of God.  I experienced both of those things yesterday. Affirmation within community: I had a difficult conversation with someone because of something that I said that was hurtful. Sometimes choose to say things that  do not speak life into people. It is a journey that the Lord has been taking me on... Read more

Pre-Field Training

By Liz on August 24, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Europe

So this past week was ReachGlobal’s pre-field training.  I got to spend a week in Minneapolis with 19 amazing people headed to 10 different countries to be God’s hands and feet.  We learned a lot about teamwork, conflict skills and culture shock, but my favorite part of the week was just hearing their testimonies; how God has called them and what they have seen Him doing in their lives.  I am so excited to see how God continues to use each one of us to bring glory to His name around the world.  My other exciting news for the week is that I bought my ticket to Hungary (yes ticket as in... Read more

6 Weeks to Takeoff!

By Emily on August 22, 2014 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Europe

Moving abroad is complicated. Of course I knew living abroad would be challenging, but other than support raising I didn't really think much about the pre-departure preparations. But there's a lot to do before leaving for the field. Yesterday I spent a few hours researching IRAs. Two days ago I barely knew what an IRA was. Now I know enough to realize that finding a good IRA for an expat who will also be applying for foreign earned income exclusion is pretty darn confusing. Today I researched how to create a Will online for free. On Monday I'm scheduled to get a typhoid shot. Next week I... Read more

Fruitfulness Over Productivity

By Rebecca on August 17, 2014 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Europe

In the daily choice to either pursue intimacy with Christ or to be productive in accomplishing and handling everyday-life matters,  I often choose the latter.  My productivity is something I can control—how much of my “To-Do List” for the day I can complete—and in ministry, where my success cannot be measured by what grade I get, how many hours I worked, or how much money I earned, my task-oriented mentality feeds off control and pursuit of a sense of productivity. I do not know Christ in an intimate way.  God showed me at the end of May that in my relationship with Him, I had a lot of other... Read more

My Horse's New Home

By Liz on August 14, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Europe

Just a quick life update today and some answered prayers!  I successfully moved to Duluth now and have been able to spend a little more time and share meals with my family, which has been good.  I also found a home for my horse, which was a huge answered prayer.  I am attaching a picture of her with her new family.  She is so funny.  There are 3 new horses for her to meet and socialize with and instead she is in love with the goat! Another real blessing was being able to spend 3 days in the BWCA (a large canoeing wilderness area in northern Minnesota) this past week.  It was not only a fun... Read more

Learning to Slow Down...

By Julie on August 12, 2014 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Europe

This is a life lesson I have been learning for a long time, but sometimes I forget. I look at deadlines, I make lists so I can cross things off, I calculate numbers, and I forget to breathe. Sometimes in life you just need to take a step back and take a deep breath and notice all that God is doing around you. During training we did this thing called a silent retreat. For 2 hours we could not talk to anyone we just all went our own ways and spent some quiet time with God. How often do you do this? How often have I done this? MAYBE I’ve done it once or twice before, but I have never made it a... Read more

July Update

By Jeff on August 2, 2014 Track: Business Region: Europe

Hello again everyone!  Thank you all so much for your support and prayers as I prepare to leave for Berlin at the end of September!  There is so much to praise God for already this summer, as I am seeing prayers being answered and my trust in God grow.  I know a lot of people have been praying about my support, and over the past two or so weeks I have seen my financial support nearly double!  I am now at about 40%, and am still very hopeful to leave at the end of September.  Just when I was feeling a bit down on support raising, I got a large amount of new supporters.  It is another reminder... Read more

As July Comes to a Close

By Liz on July 29, 2014 Track: Teaching Region: Europe

The month of July has been a blur. I thank God that I am almost fully recovered from my knee surgery and can now tackle stairs again with confidence! In the past month I surprised both doctors and my physical therapist going from way behind schedule in my recovery to doing very well. I also thank God that I was able to spend over a week in lower state Michigan raising support for my trip.  So many wonderful people opened their homes to me and I was very lucky and blessed to meet with old friends from college, work, and my trip to China. People continue to surprise me with their generosity,... Read more

Conducting my sadness

By Beth on July 28, 2014 Track: Media - Arts Region: Europe

Recently, I have been thinking of my conducting class in graduate school. It was two weeks of practicing every night to train my brain to cue choral and orchestral parts, listen to all the sounds at once, and show the meaning of the piece through my body. Talk about being exposed! I had to do all these things at the same time and try to show the powerful emotions in Faure’s Agnus Dei movement from his Requiem. For those of you not familiar with classical music here is a recording to give you an idea (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1FKoPO-S2w). It took concentration to follow my markings of... Read more