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Thy Will be Done: Finding Peace on Earth as it is in Heaven

By Steven on January 2, 2019 Track: University Outreach Region: Europe

The holidays are officially over meaning support raising is back in full swing. There are people to contact, appointments to make, relationships to grow, and (hopefully) funding to raise. With my late January deadline looming in the not-so-distant future, it feels like the final lap in Mario Kart. Will I cross the finish line in first place and meet my deadline for a March departure? Or will I leave in a later month?   Despite the stressful season that’s began, I’m grateful for the reflection time Christmas and New Years provided. One thought which has consistently entered my head is first... Read more

God's Never Late

By Steven on December 5, 2018 Track: University Outreach Region: Europe

There’s something beautiful about abandoned, forgotten structures. Maybe it’s because they’ve withstood the test of time. They’re brandished with scars, but persevere. Each broken window, stripped piece of paint, and missing floor board another layer to their story. Sometimes I wonder if God admires us in a similar way. Life might bruise us, but we’re still standing. We’re not perfect, but with each time life gets tough there’s another lesson learned and another tale to tell. Unfortunately, sometimes in the midst of hardship we forget something very important: God’s with us every step of the... Read more

A Written Letter

By Diamond on December 1, 2018 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

Freshman Year Dear Diamond, Welcome to college! I know you wish that you were at a 4-year University AWAY from Carbondale, but trust me, it’s better if you attend community college first for free before you decide to go into student debt (AH!). You can survive a couple more years in Carbondale. Besides, it’s almost like a whole different world on campus. You won’t even remember that you’re only 15 minutes from home (well of course until you go outside to get in your car, or look out the window). Speaking of your car: Yes, I know you’re having troubles with your old car that your stepdad has... Read more

An Open Letter To My High School Self

By Falecia on November 30, 2018 Track: Ministry Region: Europe

Dear Falecia, I know that the last few years haven’t been easy. You’ve been hurt by those closest to you, and the places you once considered to be safe are no longer a sanctuary. You’ve been struggling with depression for quite some time now, and the habitual suffering in your life has jaded you. Although you tell yourself that God is good, that there’s a purpose for it all and that you’ll eventually understand it when you get to heaven, you’re actually living tragically in the infinite resignation stage. Not to fear, my dear. Once you acknowledge your losses and truly let them go, you’ll... Read more


By Janeice on November 30, 2018 Track: Media - Arts Region: Europe

Just a few days ago, I reached my goal of losing 100 pounds. It took 11 months for me to be consistent with my eating habits, exercising, and drinking plenty of water. Some people believe that they can lose weight in a week or two, but that is not the reality of it. Losing weight is a task that takes patience, effort, and encouragement. I remember the first day that I started this journey, I wanted to absolutely quit. My roommates were eating the foods that I was craving and all I ate were vegetables. At that point, I thought I was going to die or starve. Thankfully, God helped me develop a... Read more

Winter on the Way

By Daniel on November 23, 2018 Track: Media - Arts Region: Europe

Update:      Hello again amazing home team!           I am so grateful for the faithfulness of God this month! He is so true and so good. I have officially started my language courses and by the grace of God I am able to be progressing quite rapidly. I am really enjoying the process! I have also been able to continue making connections and learning more about Hungarian Culture. I am particularly excited about a friendship with a Hungarian man named Gábor. He is an incredible jazz keyboard player who is VERY interested in becoming more fluent in English. I was responsible for running sound at... Read more

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag (Happy Birthday!)

By Diamond on November 22, 2018 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

WHOA! Thank God for another year! As my 23rd birthday comes to a close and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, a thought comes to mind: By this time next year, I’ll be 9 months into a new life in Berlin, Germany -- celebrating my 24th birthday away from the people I love and have known for years. Does that scare me? Surprisingly, no. It actually excites me! It excites me to know that I have the honor of celebrating a birthday in the midst of doing a work that God has called me to. Now what about Thanksgiving? Well, Germans don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving - at least in the American... Read more

Did you ever imagine this?

By Christina on November 21, 2018 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

Dear high-school freshman Christina, Did you ever imagine this? You are going overseas for two years. Going to Ireland to do youth ministry and community outreach.   Let’s rewind.  After you started going to youth group again your sophomore year of high school, you truly made your faith your own. You decided that you were going to be obedient to the Lord’s voice, no matter where He may call you. You graduated college with a Biology degree, and you may never use it directly. You graduated with no intention of going to medical school anymore. But the Lord has given you peace about having a... Read more

A Letter to Future Goers

By Melody on November 20, 2018 Track: Teaching Region: Europe

If you’re here, you’re probably thinking about spending two years as a missionary in a different country, living your life for Christ. If you’re anything like me, this is something you NEVER thought you would do in a million years. If you’re like me, you’re seriously questioning this calling and reading all the blogs you can find in the hopes it’ll help you make a decision. This blog won’t give you an answer. I mean, I would love to help. I could just speak the truth that, “You ARE called, we are ALL called, so go” and you could skip away confident in this arbitrary confirmation. Blog... Read more


By Abby on November 4, 2018 Track: University Outreach Region: Europe

  I’m turning 24 this week. No one is more surprised than me that I’ve made it this far. About this time last year, I was simultaneously relearning what it felt like to be happy and trying to sort out my own wobbly compass. I had a litany of struggles. I was burdened with immense sadness and experiencing mysterious, painful temporary paralysis of my legs and arms coupled with extreme fatigue that my doctors theorized were lesions in my brain. I collapsed at work due to lung problems and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I had pneumonia. I was in a nearly fatal car accident. I was... Read more