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Anticipation and Preparation

By Amanda on October 30, 2020 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Europe

Hello! My name is Amanda Yates and I will be serving in Granada, Spain as a Community Outreach Advocate. Currently, I am living in Minneapolis where there has been snow on the ground since mid-October. While I will surely miss the snow, I will not miss the hassle of daily living or the biting cold. I have truly loved my time living here and the community and dear friendships that I have here, but when God calls, you Go! I graduated from University of Northwestern - St. Paul in 2019 with a B.S. in Communication Studies and a minor in Bible and in Art. Since then I have lived in the area and... Read more

Finding My Why

By Hanna on October 20, 2020 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Europe

Is missions really right for me?  Is GoCorps really right for me?  I have already started my career.... Should I really be uprooting my entire life? These are all questions that plagued me as I started this journey of pursing full-time mission work 1.5 years ago.  My name is Hanna- I am a daughter, a friend, an avid skier, an amateur chef (amateur being the key word there), and a professional Event Planner for a fortune 200 company in Denver, Colorado. My life is full. I have an incredible community, a church that I love, and the best friends that I have ever had in my life. Yet, I felt like... Read more

It's me, Beli!

By Belicia on October 20, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

There I was sitting in my 8am Missions class with four other students and Professor Jenkins during my first semester of senior year of college. As we were waiting for everyone to get settled, Jenkins was telling me about this organization his friend started, GoCorps. Jenkins knew I had a heart for missions and youth but was struggling with how to combine those two things into the real world. He told me to check out their website so I went home and here I am, preparing to move to Spain as a Youth Mentor. I thank God every day for putting Professor Jenkins in my life at that time. I have always... Read more

I have the responsibility of being a Missionary????

By Angelica on October 20, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Europe

Hello to whomever is reading this blog! : )     Though I may not be able to see you in person, nor may I even have an opportunity to know who has read this post, I feel privileged to be writing this.  By posting this first blog, it feels like I have earned a badge of honor with GoCorps!  I remember when I was considering whether or not I wanted to join GoCorps, I spent hours one day just reading the blogs of the Goers.  I remember thinking how brave and heroic they were to be posting publicly about their journey…and now I am one of those Goers!! Wow!!     The simplest way to explain how I got... Read more

This Could Be The Start

By Mariana on October 19, 2020 Track: Medical Region: Europe

Hi friends! I’m going to be real with y’all, I’m not one for writing much, but if the Lord can use me and my story to bring God glory, then I’m in! So jump in with me and let grace abound because this could be the start of something new. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, but I’m not your classic Texan. My parents and three older siblings immigrated from Brazil to the U.S. one year before I was born. Growing up with my Brazilian and American cultures colliding, my eyes were opened not only to the differences in cultures but to the beauty in them. Even so, I would’ve never actually... Read more

Nice To Meet You!

By Brianne on October 19, 2020 Track: Media - Arts Region: Europe

Hi there! Thanks for stumbling into my Goer blog. If you're like me, then you're probably new to this page too. So why not spend some time getting to know each other, shall we? Great! Okay, thanks for humoring my cheesy intro to my very first (ever!) Goer blog. On a serious note though, thanks for joining me. My name is Brianne Nix, but that normally gets shortened to Bri. (I actually prefer Bri. It's a little less formal and a lot more friendly.) In May of 2020, I graduated from Belhaven University with a B.F.A in Dance and a B.A. in English. For the past two years, while attending college,... Read more

First-Year Spainiversary Thoughts

By Carissa on October 16, 2020 Track: Media - Arts Region: Europe

One year ago today, I watched the Manhattan skyline disappear through a plane window and asked myself, “is it too late to get out of this?” Hours later, I looked out of a different plane window at the mountains and shoreline framing my new home and wondered what the coming year could possibly have in store for me. It’s tempting to shape my entire year around how it was impacted by covid. The rise of a global pandemic definitely altered my transition to a new culture and took away a lot of opportunities I thought I’d have. It slowed my progress in building relationships and doing ministry,... Read more

A Journey to Mars

By Ellen on October 5, 2020 Track: Media - Arts Region: Europe

On July 30th, NASA launched their Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover. This little rover has an exciting job of exploration and research in front of him. But Perseverance has a long way to go. He won’t actually land on Mars for another 7 months! If rovers have feelings, Perseverance might be feeling a little restless and impatient on his long journey. In many ways, the past 7 months here in Berlin have felt like a journey to Mars. The world has changed from what it was back when I landed in Berlin some of those changes have affected the process of settling into life here. There have been moments... Read more

Does my art matter?

By Carissa on August 6, 2020 Track: Media - Arts Region: Europe

I’ve been thinking lately about the role of art in my life. One of my ongoing struggles in college was feeling like I had to decide between art and missions. With the overwhelming need for the Gospel and the worldwide effects of poverty and injustice, making art seemed like a weak and frivolous thing to invest in. But would God really ask me to deny this part of who he created me to be?  I felt incredibly blessed to find this opportunity to do graphic design for a missions organization. It’s been amazing to think that things I create can be used to reach people with the Gospel. However, this... Read more

Remain in My Love

By Caitlyn on July 28, 2020 Track: Media - Arts Region: Europe

     Moving overseas is full of stress, unknowns, and uncomfortable situations. If I can be real for a minute, it’s hard. Somedays it feels like drinking from a fire hydrant. After having a conversation with some coworkers this morning, I walked away with this insight, “Anxiety is a deep fear that threatens your sense of self” (Tim Keller.) I always thought the opposite of love was hate, but it’s actually fear. Fear is self-centered, while love is self-giving. 1 John 4:18 says, "Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear" (NLT.) When I place my value in something other than... Read more