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So what are you doing with your life?

By Laura on January 13, 2016 Track: Media - Arts Region: Asia - East

Hey, What are you doing with your life? This is the question I was dreading most before taking a two week trip home for Christmas. I am a little over halfway through my two year term and am really becoming a part of the community here, feeling at home more places than my apartment and moving through the city freely without worrying about language. Knowing how quickly the last 14 months have gone by has me looking forward to the next 9 or so as if they are going to whiz by without me being able to savor them. Going home for Christmas, while it was an amazing blessing full of family, cheese,... Read more

Just an update

By Michael on November 24, 2015 Track: Business Region: Asia - East

Well, I was going to write a cool blog about the things I will miss when I am abroad, but this stupid server kicked me off and erased all but the first two sentences of my blog and I am pretty ticked about it. Blogs are about honesty  or whatever I guess and frankly I have no desire to start over since I have literally 0 patience for technology. Here is a quick update instead and I may try again tomorrow when I don't want to throw this laptop through a wall. I am 100% funded so Praise the Lord big time for that. I am hoping to hit 110% for safety sake just in case any one is no longer able to... Read more

Burgh to Burg; Sweet tea to Green tea: Unfiltered

By Michael on September 17, 2015 Track: Business Region: Asia - East

Dear everyone who has taken the time to read this, Last weekend I made the long drive home from Pittsburgh to Spartanburg, SC where I live.  On an 8 hour ride there isn't  a great deal to do other than driving, listening to music, and thinking.  As some of you may know, a man's brain is not designed to entertain a large  number of thoughts at one time. If I am listening to music, I am not really thinking, and conversely if I am thinking I am not really listening to music.  Therefore, after a week of heavy learning in Pittsburgh, I decided to opt out of thinking and elected to simply listen to... Read more


By Chad on September 11, 2015 Track: Business Region: Asia - East

In a dark room, lined with occupied bunk-beds, I find myself lying awake.  The box fan that is precariously sandwiched within the window frame is rattling and there is a nostalgic aroma of a high school locker room in the air.  The absence of air-conditioning has intensified the northeastern summer and I lay sweaty atop a sleeping bag on a plastic lined mattress.   However, these factors are not the reason I’m awake. In fact, it’s nothing to do with the external.   I find myself unable to express in words what I’m feeling to my father.  I try to speak, it won’t come out. I roll over and stare... Read more

Far East not so far out

By Michael on September 10, 2015 Track: Business Region: Asia - East

Dear Everyone who has taken the time to read this, I have for many years fought tooth and nail against the technological revolution. I have even gone as far to commit the next two years of my life to living in secluded East Asia in an attempt to escape its far reaching implications. But alas, my very efforts at technological separation have been my very undoing. And so, here I sit on a borrowed tablet, documenting my inner monolgue into this readily accessible form of a "blog". What is worse, I fear that I may enjoy it. Beyond waxing eloquont (one of favorite pastimes) I am still discovering... Read more

She was 1 in approximately 160 Miliion

By Laura on May 24, 2015 Track: Media - Arts Region: Asia - East

Having a good name is so important here but  I never knew this little girl's real name, the first time I saw her she was so small we were told not to pick her up. " She has heart disease" they told me, " she is to weak to be held" they warned me. I watched her little blue face squish into defiant cries as she no doubt knew there were plenty of hands there to hold her. We moved from crib to crib checking on the infants and toddlers, as the caregivers and orphanage director filtered into the next room, I made my way back over to the little girls bed, sat on the floor next to it and picked her... Read more

Why Walking Is Bad

By Laura on March 18, 2015 Track: Media - Arts Region: Asia - East

              Last week I spent 4 days at an orphanage. Night and day we ate, worked and slept in the building that is home to over 30 disabled children. I had a hard time sleeping at night; partly from my mind spinning from medical and therapy possibilities from the day past and for the day ahead, and partly from hearing crying children left unconsoled in their beds. This trip I was accompanied by a former GoCorps goer who is visiting my team to offer her expertise as an occupational therapist. She has been blessing the foster families and orphanages with her assessments and therapy... Read more

You Don't Know My Dream

By Laura on February 24, 2015 Track: Media - Arts Region: Asia - East

Follow your dream. Chase your dreams. Believe in your dreams. These are all phrases that just don't carry quite the punch that they use to for me. I might call myself a "dreamer", I've had my fair share of different dreams and ambitions that my sister would say I had the guts to actually go for . Why not try ya know?  Experiencing culture outside Texas and America has always been a part of my "dream". There's something grand about standing on a mountainside and looking into a valley of pure nature that will resonate in the human heart. On my recent travels in Asia, two friends and I went on a... Read more

First Orphanage Visit

By Laura on January 17, 2015 Track: Media - Arts Region: Asia - East

              Visiting the orphanage opened my eyes to the many needs the orphanage has and also to the challenges and barriers those willing to help may face in trying to provide for some of those needs. There were many physical needs that were obvious at the institution. Items like food, diapers, clothes, bedding, high chairs, and the things required to clean each of these items like dish and laundry detergent. Upon arriving I was informed by the medical professionals that have been in the orphanage many times, that on that day the staff would be on their best behavior and the kids would be... Read more

Prayer Requests

By Laura on December 30, 2014 Track: Media - Arts Region: Asia - East

I've already had the opportunity to meet international students on campus that are involved in intl. student ministry, I would love to become involved and see that flourish. A pretty common way to meet English speaking students is at English corner, an event for students to come and converse with English speakers for practice. Please pray for the relationships and friendships made there. Please pray that my roommates and I would learn the language with swiftness and ease so that we could build relationships with more people without them having to know our language, this should be no small... Read more