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There's a Really Big World at Your Fingertips

By Bethany on November 14, 2013 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - East

Hello All! I hope that this finds you safe in the arms of our beloved Father, and that wherever you are, He is continually teaching you of His grace and mercy, as He is doing here for me. I moved to Eastern Asia a month ago. In some ways, it feels as if I just got on the plane, but in other ways it feels as if I have been living here for a lot longer than a month. I say that on a positive note because I have been constantly reassured that this place is the city where I’m meant to be for this season of my life.  I am beginning to enjoy the song of the city that goes all day and night. No... Read more

Recent Thoughts

By Mark on November 3, 2013 Track: University Outreach Region: Asia - East

Hello, Recently I have been thinking a lot about the topic brought up in this book "Jesus Wants to Save Christians". I have only finished reading the first chapter since I am not a fan of reading at all (which makes me think about how I made it through college but whatever), but it has made me think about what do it mean/look like for God to have a heart for the oppressed. Having grown up in a Chrsitian context, I know in my head what it means for God to have a heart for the oppressed but how does this play a role in my life? What does it have to do with me being in Japan? I still don't... Read more

Weekly Meeting

By Mark on November 3, 2013 Track: University Outreach Region: Asia - East

Hey All, Here is a little update on how God is moving here in Tokyo. As you should know by now, I am in Tokyo, Japan working as an international intern trying to me college students and tell them about the love of God. Here in Japan, it is not just my teammates from America and Canada that I work with but also Japanese national staff and international campus staff who are the long term people I work with as part of Student Impact (CRU in Japan). Every Friday, Student Impact has a meeting for Christian and non-Christian students to come and either learn how to share their faith with their... Read more

Japanese Practice

By Mark on October 21, 2013 Track: University Outreach Region: Asia - East

Here is a humorous video my roommate and I watch to practice Japanese as a joke. Formal language learning is very expensive here in Tokyo, Japan so we just do self-study, but many of the students we talk to can speak enough English to have a conversation with. Some of my teammates can speak Japanese but I cannot speak Japanese so I really on English. It is definitely more of a struggle this way but it is definitely possible for I have seen God do some great things in the lives of different Japanese students due to their interesting in learning English. All in all, this is just a funny video... Read more


By Mark on September 27, 2013 Track: University Outreach Region: Asia - East

Hi Everyone, This post is just to give a quck introduction to who I am and what I am doing as a Goer. I'm Mark Morikawa and I am 24 years old. This is my second year as a Goer and I am working with CRU as a STINTer in Tokyo, Japan. The ministry I am a part of is campus ministry at primarily two different campuses (one high school and one college campus). What I do is try to meet students, become friends with them, and share the Gospel message with them. Last year, I met and shared the Gospel with about 3 different students and built friendships with about 5 more students. Last year my team... Read more

Sweetest Send Off

By Bethany on September 24, 2013 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - East

For twelve years of my life I trained as a martial artist. The studios I trained at were where I initially learned how to talk to God. When I would practice a form, or spar, my muscles would do most of the work for me. In that space, I was able to breathe, and focus on the Lord. After this season, I moved away for college where He taught me how to seek Him outside the confines of control present in a Taekwondo studio. He taught me how to seek without walls; to be bold. Years after that time in my life, I am preparing to move overseas for two years. I leave this Friday, which I found out... Read more