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A Little Bit of Faith

By Alyssa on May 31, 2019 Track: Medical Region: Asia - East

 I sit here and reality begins to sink in. Missions. 2 years. East Asia, a new country, a new city, a new language. At the start of my senior year of college, I prayed that God would surprise me. I was encouraged to start praying more bold prayers, and this was the one I began to pray. I did not know what it meant at the time. But as the year went on, I began to have a deeper understanding of how the Lord was answering this prayer. Trust. This 5-letter word. This word that shook me to my core, pushed and stretched me to my limits. It was the word that the Lord was teaching me as I embarked on... Read more

A Pleasant Aroma - Let's Talk Fruit!

By Anna on April 22, 2019 Track: Ministry Region: Asia - East

The last couple of days I have felt like I have been in an emotional rut. The enemy likes to toll with our emotions, our self esteem, and relationships to steal our joy and distract us from Father’s works. Today was a day of finding wonder in the details of Father’s kingdom and the culture I am living in. I was walking home and realized I don’t take the time to slow down and notice the tiny details of what is happening around me. My city is a sleepy one, a much different pace from other bustling and lively Asian cities I have been to. Men are often found playing Ma Jong on the sidewalk and... Read more

My Letter to Future Goers

By Farrah on February 6, 2019 Track: Ministry Region: Asia - East

Dear future goer, You must have a million thoughts running wild in your head about what life overseas will look like, how different it will be, and how much your life is about to change. I'm sure you have beautiful ideas of how you will impact many people with the Gospel, and be an invaluable asset to your team.  You ARE a valuable asset to your team. The Gospel WILL change your environment, and you'll get to be a part of it. Your life IS about to be incredibly different. But most likely, none of these things will go quite as you expect.  If I can impart just two nuggets of truth that were... Read more

My letter to future Goers

By Christopher on December 11, 2018 Track: University Outreach Region: Asia - East

Hello future Goers! After returning home from two years in East Asia, I've been asked to recap some of my lessons and experiences for those who are considering signing for a two-year placement with GoCorps. I've personally greatly enjoyed my relationship with GoCorps throughout my term. Your sending organization will be a great source of training and support for you when you Go, but they will also by necessity be somewhat more broadly focused in their training, most of them receiving prospective missionaries from all walks of life. The beauty of GoCorps is that they're so tailored... Read more

The Intentions Behind My Actions

By Michelle on December 10, 2018 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Asia - East

Lately, I have been thinking about intentions, and how important it is to do things with the right intentions. Even if the actions are morally good, done with the wrong intentions it takes away from the good. So why do I do good deeds? I have to admit it is not always for the right reasons. Sometimes I fall into the trap of believing that I need to prove myself through my actions. That I need to show God and others that I am worthy of love. But I know that I don't need to prove myself to God in order to receive His love. He gives it freely to me and all I have to do is accept it. My salvation... Read more

Glacier Waters

By Anna on November 27, 2018 Track: Ministry Region: Asia - East

I leave in six days. The closer my departure date nears, the more I have been reflecting on the costs of leaving home and joining the field. Recently, I went on a run at cross-cultural training to clear my racing mind. I came to a stream and decided to stop and enjoy the beauty of the rushing water. I dipped my feet into the water and quickly withdrew. It was freezing and the water stung my skin. I began comtemplating on how often our lives dedicated to Jesus is not easy but even painful. Yet, the pain leads to so much joy. I sat by this cold stream and wrote a poem to my King from His... Read more

List To Remember

By Michelle on September 23, 2018 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Asia - East

So a while ago (like near the beginning of May) I had written a list of things to follow. This was a list of items that I wanted to achieve on a regular basis, such things as jog at least twice a week, have a daily devotional, make my bed every morning, and so on. I had a list of 13 rules I wanted to follow (with grace). Though, after a while, I realized the list wasn't helping me much. I wasn't really following them that well and it became more of a reminder of who I wished I was and how much I was failing at making myself a "better person". While the list did have mostly good disciplines... Read more

It Has Been a Year

By Michelle on September 20, 2018 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Asia - East

Wow, I have been in this country for a year already! I cannot wrap my brain around all that God has done in my life this past year. Coming to a country I barely knew anything about, where people speak a language that I still struggle to understand and learn, where I had to relearn how to do the simplest of things, from a country I grew comfortable in really opened my eyes to my lack of dependence on God. I have been stretched in so many ways and am learning to refocus and recenter my life on Christ. I have learned the importance of a good community and team. To have people that you can trust... Read more

But, what about the unreached people?

By Emma on September 14, 2018 Track: Ministry Region: Asia - East

This last week has made it very real that I am in fact packing up my bags and redefining the meaning of home in a matter of months. This week we trained for hours and hours for this next season I've eagerly been anticpating for the last year.  My journey with GoCorps began about a little under a year ago when I was acepted into a post grad program at my university that mobilizes students to specifically unreached countries around the world. I'm not sure if as you're reading this you found youself wondering- unreached what does that mean?? Unreached people, to be concise, are people who don't... Read more


By Michelle on July 31, 2018 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Asia - East

This month has led to many transitions for our team and individually. First off we had a team member finish his two-year commitment and is now back in the States preparing to come back next year as a long-term member.  There were a handful of tasks that needed to be reassigned to others to fulfill in his absence; including the Sunday school supervisor role, which was handed off to me.   Secondly, we had an honorary team member (she was not part of our org but she helped with the student ministry and is close with our whole team) head back to the States indefinitely.  Thirdly, we have a local... Read more