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First Experiences

By Adam on December 9, 2016 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Africa - North

The past few days have been very interesting. The first full day that I was here (Friday), jet lag hit really hard. It was a struggle to stay up until 9:30, then I woke up several times throughout the night. I ended up getting out of bed around 6:15 feeling somewhat rested. I did not have anything specifically planned until noon, so the morning was spent unpacking and organizing. By 10:00 I was ready to go back to bed, so I took a 30 min nap. By 4:00 both my co-worker and I were ready to fall asleep, but we tried to make it to 9:30 before going to bed. Saturday was much better. I woke feeling... Read more

Today is the Day

By Adam on November 29, 2016 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Africa - North

Well, this is it. Today is the day I leave for two years. I have been looking forward to this day for a while, but now that it is here, I am not sure how I feel. My bags are packed, and everything is ready, except for me. I am scared and excited and not sure at what to expect in this next season, but I trust Dad to take me where He will. This song that I was introduced to at training in NC sums up how I feel pretty well I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv3-TDdD1pM It is called “In Over My Head” by Bethel, and I encourage you to take five minutes and listen to it J. It may not pertain... Read more

Don't Forget

By Bobby on November 28, 2016 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Africa - North

I said bye to a close friend on Friday, as he drove off he said out his car window “Don’t forget you’re American.”  I think what he meant to say, in a roundabout bro way, was that I would be missed.  There may have been a slight fear of how much we would change during this time but I think it was mostly about remembering the people and the places that I now call home and to hurry back.  I waved as I thought about being away for two years and all that would change. This statement got me thinking though… Am I an American first?  Is this where I strive to come home to?   And is being an American... Read more

Almost Done!

By Andrew on November 28, 2016 Track: Engineering - IT Region: Africa - North

Support Update This week has been a good mixture of hard work and free time.  The first half of the week was spent travelling and doing security training where we covered a lot of good material, and then the second half was spent relaxing at a friend’s house for thanksgiving which was much needed.  As far as support goes, I’m starting to meet up with people again which will be great as I try to finish up support raising.  Prayer Requests/Praises My car made it back to Indiana and then went to and from Chicago.  It’s gone through a lot this past week and I can’t help but think that this is an... Read more


By Georgia on November 20, 2016 Track: Ministry Region: Africa - North

We're gearing up for a big thanksgiving week here. Thanksgiving for me includes teaching kids both Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. It includes language classes everyday as usual. We will have a mini Thanksgiving celebration (desserts only) after language class (at the request of our teachers). Then I'll teach. Thursday night we're having a big get together with many others in the city. And Saturday we're having a celebration with our sister team from a nearby city. So there's a lot to prepare for this week, in addition to all the normal parts of life here...nothing goes on hold for this... Read more

A Visit

By Georgia on November 8, 2016 Track: Ministry Region: Africa - North

Last Saturday, we went to our local friend's house. I have had the opportunity to visit her home 7 or 8 times now. Each time has been wonderful, and each time we've had some sort of spiritual conversation…always initiated by her! This time we arrived, ate lunch she had prepared, and then went to a nearby small store to buy ingredients for the food she wanted to teach us to make. She was very proud to show off to the shopkeeper the Arabic that we had learned. Then, we returned home to make the "flour" for a local breakfast dish. The dish consists of various grains and legumes, roasted and... Read more

Breaking Down to Build Up

By Adam on October 29, 2016 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Africa - North

These past three weeks have been some of the best yet hardest in my life. I am in North Carolina right now getting cross-cultural training before heading to East Africa. This training consists of forty-one people, all of whom are preparing to work in a cross-cultural setting. It has really been a blessings to be a part of the community that has developed over these past three weeks. Hearing about how each of them has been called to their specific location and all that they have been brought through to get here has been so encouraging. These past three weeks have also been hard though. Saying... Read more

The Road So Far

By Andrew on October 6, 2016 Track: Engineering - IT Region: Africa - North

Hello Everybody! So, it's now been several weeks since I started my support raising and so far it has been great.  I am currently over 25% raised and it has been such a blessing to see people want to help out whether it's just a small one time donation or a large monthly donation.  I'm blessed to know that so many people are willing to help me and my mission to head overseas!  However, I obviously still have a long way to go with many more people to talk to.  I've already made a small trip to Ohio to see relatives and family friends which was a great break from meating people in the town I... Read more

The First Goodbye

By Adam on September 27, 2016 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Africa - North

I am not good at talking about my emotions, so please bear with me as I seek to articulate and process through my first round of saying goodbye. This past week was a gift from God. I had originally planned to make my goodbye trip to Huntington University over Homecoming weekend at the beginning of October. This plan, however, was disrupted when I found out that the six weeks of training I have prior to leaving for the field was going to start the Saturday of Homecoming. Due to this conflict in scheduling, my trip to Huntington was moved up two weeks. Because of this, I was able to not only... Read more

Apartments, Taxis, and Culture

By Georgia on September 25, 2016 Track: Ministry Region: Africa - North

This week has been crammed with good cultural experiences. My mind is full trying to process all that I have seen and learned this week. But it has been so good! Apartment Hunting My team leader and I spent many, many hours this week searching for a good place. I have a teammate joining me in about two weeks. So I am searching for a place for both of us. In addition to finding an apartment that is a good size and a good fit for us, we also have to consider the location. We will be using public transportation, so we have to find a place that is near the public transportation station. We also... Read more