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Home For Christmas

By Anthony on December 26, 2017 Track: Youth Development Region: Africa - North

This month is particularly special for me because it marks one full year since I have been home from my time serving in India.  Reflecting back on that time seems so far away, although I remember how impacting it was to return so suddenly without realizing one year in the future I would be preparing to launch for North Africa. So many memories, emotions, people, places, and thoughts rush to mind and it can be difficult to focus, but one thing is certain, I prayed to God I would return home with the intention to get back overseas and it is because of His grace I have this opportunity, to be... Read more

The One With A Reputation

By Eden on November 30, 2017 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Africa - North

Since my last post, I feel like everything and nothing has changed. In November, time slowed down and I was fighting through a pool of molasses to get work done. It seemed like nobody was answering their phones, emails, or messages. I was stuck in this awful rut, and through it all, I forgot.  I forgot what it meant to pray. I got frustrated and closed myself off from God. I answered questions from others with grace, but struggled with confusion over lack of funding. I was fighting this battle where I knew that God had called me to this work, but He did not appear to be supplying in a proper... Read more

Your Simple, Truthful Statement

By Anthony on November 17, 2017 Track: Youth Development Region: Africa - North

Recently, I attended a training that prepares me for all types of heightened situations and it has me thinking about some ideas that could be applied every day. I think, in some sense, I have a proclivity in imagining types of situations that are heightened or dangerous or threatening because I’m passionate about storytelling. And in storytelling, whenever there is conflict or a plot that raises the stakes, characters are placed in very difficult situations. This can be challenging for the storyteller; it’s their job to know what happens next. However, in a good story, clues or devices have... Read more

The One Where I Never Settled

By Eden on November 6, 2017 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Africa - North

I slowly flip open my passport to my ID page.  As I walk towards the TSA officer, I place my ticket in my passport to mark the page where they can examine my photo and pertinent information. It's another casual day in my life where I am preparing to board a plane to head somewhere. At this point I am very well acquainted with traveling processes and, admittedly, get a little frustrated when there are people ahead of me in lines that simply take too long. People take their sweet time going through airport security or stepping forward to get their boarding passes, or even just walk too slow... Read more

Prisoner of Hope

By Anthony on October 12, 2017 Track: Youth Development Region: Africa - North

It is now the longest part of my 3-month support-raising goal; six weeks down, six more to go, and I must admit I haven’t needed to have this mindset of persistence since I was overseas or “in the field.” It’s funny because, although this culture is all too familiar, this ministry too is “in the field.” I remember encouraging team members on past mission trips, who were becoming worn out and disheartened, it’s a common experience to have during ministry, you're not alone. The honeymoon phase is over and the thrill of being in a new place, working on something new, or meeting new people, is... Read more

The One that Doesn't Compare

By Eden on September 30, 2017 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Africa - North

As I started out this week, I got the feeling that it was going to be long. I don't mean that one day would be rough and I would wake up on Wednesday and be fine. All week long was a perpetual struggle. Why? Because comparisons are awful. Early in the week I received a text from a fellow Goer in my cohort who was excited to share that they had reached 25% of their goal. This was AMAZING news, and I am so glad that he is pursuing and reaching the goals God has set before us for fundraising. However, I couldn't help but stop the nagging feeling that my 19% wasn't good enough. I had been working... Read more

Wildfire or Ministry?

By Anthony on September 13, 2017 Track: Youth Development Region: Africa - North

As I’m working through this season of ministry and raising support, I can’t help but think of the pace at which I am moving is consistent with wildfires smoking near my town. From 10 to 1000 acres in a matter of hours, I’m shocked to see the affects the fire has on the land it burns. People are being evacuated. Containment is difficult. All response teams can do while in the wilderness is wait out the fire. Wildfires are forces of nature that rapidly ravage everything.  In raising support, not only do I need to keep in perspective the time and work it will take to complete, but I also need to... Read more

A New Worldview

By Anthony on August 29, 2017 Track: Youth Development Region: Africa - North

How's it going? I go by the name Anthony, I am 25, and a graduate with a BFA in Screenwriting from Azusa Pacific University. I am also a member of a unique post-graduate program that seeks to hear, invest and serve those least reached/unreached throughout the world. I have the privilege to be sent by GoCorps with an inspirational organization to North Africa for the next two years. I couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity! In 2013, my passion to serve flourished because I pursued short-term ministry overseas in Kolkata, India - quickly understanding that although I’ve had access to... Read more

The One Where I Was Called

By Eden on August 29, 2017 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Africa - North

Welcome to my Go Corps Blog! I am so excited to be writing this first post! This is also my first time blogging EVER, and I look forward to sharing with you my adventures through this new medium. In a few short months I will be headed out to live and work in a Muslim country. For those of you who don’t know or remember, I had the honor and privilege of studying abroad in the Middle East in 2015. That experience changed my perspective and helped mold my passions. Now, I am returning to the region to work with refugees for two years. I have no doubt that this work will be challenging, but I... Read more

One Step Closer

By Jen on July 29, 2017 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Africa - North

Hello! I am currently half-way through support raising, which means that I am that much closer to getting to the field! I am excited about what is to come, but I still have much work to do beforehand. It's not particularly easy, but I know that I will find fulfillment through this process.  It is helpful to have others on my team who have been in a similar position, or who are working through these things now. My job of working with refugees is important work needing to be done—and critical, at the moment—thus, it deserves to be given my full attention. This means coming at my current work of... Read more