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Happy Easter!

By Grace on April 5, 2020 Track: Community Development Region: Africa - North

Hello all! I don't have any profound thoughts to say right now in this season of change. I'm sure you've had your fair share of thoughts via the news, social media, etc. I just wanted to pop in to share a song that has given me hope in this season. Happy Holy Week my friends. The darkness cannot and will not overcome. He is Risen.    https://youtu.be/LsmksHRQQi0 Read more

My Letter to Future Goers

By Jen on March 9, 2020 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Africa - North

I have now been back in America for a whole week. During this time, I'm having the opportunity to process these last two years, get used to the reality of being in the US again, and prepare for my next steps. I'm excited to say that I hope to continue working overseas for as long as God has me there. These last two years have been very foundational for my future as well as a major source of growth for me. He has taken me on quite a ride, and here are 7 things that I have learned these last two years.   1. Don't be afraid to use this time to develop yourself. Perhaps you will feel pressure to... Read more

It’s Okay to have Expat Friends

By Bethany on February 17, 2020 Track: Sports Region: Africa - North

I have found that very often there is this culture amongst cross-cultural workers that frowns upon socializing with other expats. Although there obviously needs to be a balance, I have found this idea quite flawed. We often tell ourselves “we are here to die to self, and embrace this new culture”, forgoing any ideas of comfort that come with “home”. We leave a meeting with a friend who is also a foreigner almost disappointed with ourselves because that time was not spent with locals.   STOP IT! This unspoken “rule” of letting go of everything in the past is plain ridiculous and downright... Read more

Yes and Amens

By Katherine on January 11, 2020 Track: Ministry Region: Africa - North

    I'm going to UGANDA! Discerning this new placement and getting back on track with support raising and preparation has kept me pretty busy but I am so excited to finally blog about what God has next! I chose this placement for many reasons. First God directed me to it and opened up the door so I followed. But the story is a lot longer than just that.      I have wanted to go, live, and be a missionary in Africa for as long as I can remember. I was around the age of 6 when I felt this strongly and communicated to my parents the desire to be a missionary. God has been orchestrating this... Read more

Life Happens Here Too

By Grace on December 23, 2019 Track: Community Development Region: Africa - North

I recently entered into a season of rest that required me to leave East Africa.  When I left, there were so many fears. "Do I have a place to belong? Has all of this been for nothing?" My biggest fear: "Life is going to happen without me. I'm missing out on so much."   Three months later, and I've seen that it's true. Life has and does happen without me. The work in East Africa is continuing. Local brothers and sisters are growing in the faith and God is continuing the kingdom work. Problems have risen that have had to be given over to God. Relationships have been built and stories have been... Read more

Go Beyond Your Own Ordinary

By Katherine on October 5, 2019 Track: Ministry Region: Africa - North

    I am learning more and more that life with God is a rollercoaster for sure. There is so much excitement and energy walking in the will of the Lord and it is a true privilege and joy to let Him take you on the greatest adventures. However, I don’t remember seeing some of these twists and turns when I got in line for this ride. This past season of support raising and vision casting has been both an honor and a challenge. I have loved getting to meet with my community to share what God is up to and to share my burden and compassion for where God was leading me next. However, I have also... Read more

Hello My Name is [REDACTED]

By Adam on September 13, 2019 Track: Engineering - IT Region: Africa - North

Hello all, my name is [REDACTED], but for the purpose of this blog you can call me Adam. Coming out of my junior year at Azusa Pacific University, a two-year adventure to Cameroon, Africa was nowhere even near my radar. It wasn’t until a family friend of mine put off going to medical school in order to serve. She is currently a year-round staffer at a camp in Canada. This decision was enough to begin the idea of what it would look like for me to put my plan on hold and go and serve for a certain amount of time. I would fantasize about long term trips to South America, working with orphanages... Read more

Beauty in the Present

By Grace on September 11, 2019 Track: Community Development Region: Africa - North

When I first arrived to East Africa 9 months ago, my desire was to use this time as a stepping stone. I had goals for my future in minstry and I wanted to know what was next. I wanted to reach my end goal, and time seemed to be dragging. Here's the thing, we often overlook the beauty in the present if we only look to what's next. I don't mean to sound like your mom, but maybe you need to hear this too. God has used the last three months to turn my life upside down. He desires me, whole hearted and abandoned before the throne.  So what does this look like for me? Well, it looks like giving up... Read more

A Letter to A Future Goer

By Andrew on August 27, 2019 Track: Engineering - IT Region: Africa - North

My time working overseas is over for now and while that's a sad realization, I'm definitely happy for all the things that I've learned.  If I had to boil what I've learned down into blog or a short statement, I'd say that I've learned to be adaptable no matter how inadequate I feel.  I went overseas thinking I was just going to be the IT guy that did tech work in the background and, to be honest, that was one of the main reasons I ended up deciding to go because I knew I would be comfortable doing that.  Fast-forward two years later and the list of things that I've had to do is way longer... Read more

Love is a Feeling, Not a Decision

By Bethany on July 31, 2019 Track: Sports Region: Africa - North

I hope I got your attention with that title ;) now stay with me for a little bit…   This week, I walked into my school, pretty tired and ready for some coffee. As I walked through the door, one of the facilitators of the school prepped me, “They are going to ask you if love is a choice or a feeling”. After grabbing my coffee, sure enough, as I sat down to join the teachers, a mix of the majority and believers, I was asked the infamous question. When I asked who had said what, I was shocked to find out that all the believers said that love was a choice, whereas all those in the majority said... Read more