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Letter to a Future Goer

By AaronK on April 20, 2019 Track: Business Region: Europe

Dear Future Goer:   I want to share my story as being a wildcard member of the missions community, if there are people that don’t feel like they directly fit into the missions’ field in some way, shape, or form. I’m sharing you my story of change, grace, and maturity. It’s also important for me to share that this is also a story of struggle and watching God in just how mysterious His ways are, There are many times that what God does or doesn’t do cannot be justified, and when God does bring favor in how much joy it does bring. This is the wisdom gained through how God sent me to Berlin,... Read more

Jesus' Timing--Luke 7:11-17

By Richard on April 15, 2019 Track: Agriculture - Environment Region: Asia - South East

I recently received some news that the life trajectory of someone whom I love and have been praying for over the course of many years was continuing in a destructive direction.  After hearing this, I felt extremely confused and discouraged. Why has God not moved? Why would He give me words to pray and then not answer that prayer? I was left wondering, “How long, Oh Lord!”, and struggling to continue to pray faithfully.  I then read Luke 7:11-17, and felt like I had some insight into the potential emotions of the mother in this story. Below is my retelling (admittedly editorializing) of this... Read more

Expanding the Mustard Seed

By Abby S on April 15, 2019 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - South East

My husband and I had the sudden opportunity to attend a conference focused on relational healing and forgiveness between former enemies. Though I’d love to share more details about what happened at the camp (it was a truly powerful, profound experience), I will instead share what the Lord taught me through it: There were multiple times I tried to leverage opportunities to share about my hope in Christ. I would begin a conversation, then get interrupted before I could get to what I wanted to say. Or I would beeline towards someone to say something I believed important and necessary to share in... Read more

Overflowing Grace

By Bethany on April 12, 2019 Track: Sports Region: Africa - North

A few weeks ago, I started and finished Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. If you have not read this book, I 110% recommend you do so! This book shares the story of Hosea in the 1850's during the California Gold Rush. Oh my word, I wish I could describe how truly incredible this book is. After completing this phenomenal novel, I sat down by the River and reflected and read through the book Hosea a couple times. As we see throughout history, God's people continually turn their backs on Him and chose to focus their attention on anything other than their Creator. It is not until His people... Read more

Exciting News

By Claire on April 12, 2019 Track: Business Region: Latin America

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxDmTtSL_ms Click the above link to watch my latest video about being back in Ecuador, Casa Adalia milestones, street outreach boldness, prayer requests and more! Read more

A day, a month a year

By Ryan on April 12, 2019 Track: Agriculture - Environment Region: Asia - Central

Its been more than a few months since I posted anyting on here so I appologize for that. I will do my best to keep more up to date on this page in the future.Time has seemed to pick up speed as the months have gone by although at times the days seem to drag on a bit. The past months have brought days of picking rock in the fields like I had done gowing up as well as a couple of trips to new countries that I had never seen. A range of projects and work has continued to happen in all the days in betwen as well. One thing that has remained constant is the need for wisdom in the various things... Read more

Hans + Marta

By Sophie on April 11, 2019 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

Our first friends in Peru are from Switzerland (lol). Minutes after arriving in Arequipa we found out we arrived a week earlier than our host home and institute expected, so arrangements were made for us to stay with Hans and Marta. A little bummed about another week of living out of suitcases, we loaded the taxi up at the airport and made our way to the district of Bancarios. We were warmly greeted by an older, white-haired couple wearing cute, felted vests. Little did we know “a week early” was actually all part of God’s plan and exactly what He knew we needed.   Hans and Marta have been... Read more


By Sophie on April 11, 2019 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

Thinking about what to write is kind of intimidating. I think it’s mostly because I wish we could share EVERYTHING with you guys; the walks through the streets, the faces we’ve met, the words we’ve learned, all the sounds and smells. But because that’s obviously not possible, I’m left with a blank word document and the task of consolidating and portraying tidbits that hopefully relay a truthful and honest picture of life here.  Which seems like a daunting task, so maybe just talking about what God’s been talking to me about would be the best way to sum it up.  Since being here I haven’t been... Read more


By Matt on April 11, 2019 Track: Medical Region: Latin America

I took a class in college called "The God We See". It was about art, philosophy, God's mark in creation, and virtues among other things. My favorite part of the class was reading excerpts by Henri Nouwen regarding patience. Most likely because patience was (and still is) something I needed to work on. A few homework challenges were driving without the radio on or above the speed limit, not checking your phone while waiting in line, and only being able to walk slowly everywhere. Fast forward a couple years and being in Peru is a much more complex challenge!  Some are external: paying for... Read more

My Letter to Future Goers

By Amanda on April 6, 2019 Track: Media - Arts Region: Latin America

Future goer, this is what I hope you can hold on to: I remember leaving with wild dreams of this beautiful dance of ministry. I expected perfection, I expected deep relationship, I expected great respect and trust and discipleship. But it was messy. Team life was messy and ministry was messy and trying to live in to what the Lord was revealing to me as well as others was messy. But it was brilliant. All of it. The healing and challenge and sanctification that came about because of humble obedience and a posture of humility will forever astound me. He calls us to lean in to that exact... Read more