After the Holiday Season!

Hello again to everyone who is on my awesome support team!


    Wow the last two months have been full of interesting things that God is doing! I am so blessed and excited to be doing His work!


The Holiday season was a mixture of difficult times missing friends, family and life back home but God showed up in so many ways! I was able to spend Christmas with the Lörinci family and it was such a refreshing time. Pastor Karoly Lörinci is the pastor of the Church in Simontornya and his family’s willingness to welcome me into their home for Christmas was incredible. I ate way too much, but I was able to practice Hungarian! Ultimately, I was really able to enjoy the Holiday season, knowing that the only thing that mattes is to please Him. Although I have to say that It was much busier than I imagined. Ministry opportunities abound when people have spare time!


      I am happy to say that I have been able to keep up with Dar and Stef and meet on a fairly regular basis with them. Usually the three of us find some time to meet up once per month and I am really enjoying those relationships. As I continue to build trust, I can tell that there is a lot of pain and heart ache in their lives and I am praying for them daily! Please pray for them as well!


     The other two friendships that have really been growing, have been with Alm and Am. Alm is a Hungarian who is from the Catholic church. He and I have had numerous great conversations about his families beliefs and the struggle that he has had in the Catholic church Growing up! Amine and I met at one of my Hungarian classes. He and I went hiking together two weeks ago and on the bus ride back he turned to me and asked, “Can God create a stone so big that he can’t hold it because it is too great?” This opened up a great discussion about the nature of who God is and we have been talking ever since. Right now he is in Morocco visiting his family until February 11th. I eagerly await his return and I am praying like crazy that God would do something great in his life. I can’t wait to see what God will do. Interestingly, Alm is also in Morocco in Am's home town of Rabat, the capital. He is studying there abroad for six months and will return in June. I also eagerly await his return and I have been keeping up with both of them via Whatsapp.


   I have been becoming increasingly more involved with Anna’s Hungarian class, working with the Muslims that she ministers to. I have felt God draw my heart to these people for this season. Many of them are extremely smart and it has been beneficial to learn Hungarian alongside them. Ultimately, however, my heart is so deeply broken at the lies and difficulties that they have  gone through, simply by having come from a background of one of the most pervasive and tyrannical lies ever conceived. Even the individuals from Morocco (a comparatively developed and peaceful Muslim country), though they haven’t experienced the violence and terror of those from Iran, or Syria, are still so burdened by the confusion, guilt, shame and fear that has permeated their entire lives from the very beginning. I cannot express with words how God has been breaking my heart for them. Islam is so destructive! Also what compounds their situation is the open hostility that they face from many of the Hungarian communities. Please pray for all of our Muslim friends that the Holy spirit would open their eyes and they would run into Christs arms from all of the hardships they face!


   I have really been seeing God connect me with my Reach Global team here as well. I am so grateful for them. We are continuously ironing out all of the questions regarding how the team dynamic will change and I am beginning to feel at home. I can tell that their heart is to create unity and find compromise in how each member fits in to use our gifts, talents and interests to Glorify God and proclaim his name. One new development is that I will be able to receive some additional technical training regarding the Audio Visual technology used around the Café, in order to make me more useful here and I am really interested and excited because I currently know very little about the lights, computer systems  and other tec in the Reach Global KMK building (except sound)!