Come With Me

Hello Friends,

For those of you who are already subscribed to my blog this post will mostly be geared to the seniors/recent grads but you can still read it of course. ;)

I wanted to share with you guys a little bit about why you should say YES to going overseas. To do that, I will share a little bit of my story.  A long time ago my parents became missionaries. I was about four years old when we moved across an ocean to live in a whole new part of the world. Little did I know this was where God would truly mark the beginning of my story, because the moment God called my parents to missions was the moment He called me to go too. Now, I want you to know that doesn’t necessarily mean I heard God’s voice speaking directly to me. He used situations and God people with whom I grew up to truly influence my path and reveal to me the amazing journey I could have if I but simply say Yes and follow him.

When we moved back to the states during my awkward middle school years I really started to develop the desire to go back. I had no idea where or what I would do but I wanted to go. When my best friend in college told me about Go Corps and the chance to serve overseas for two years using my degree, it was like a God light bulb. When I saw I could serve in Berlin working in the anti-trafficking movement it was an even greater God exclamation point. This is literally what I had been praying for all my life.

The thing about being a missionary kid is that I had the opportunity to learn some pretty crazy things early in life. For one thing, following Jesus doesn’t guarantee ya a perfect plan nor does it guarantee ya perfect life or. In fact, it’s downright hard sometimes. But in return for those trials and sufferings you gain an abundance of joy and purpose; a deeper understanding of God’s immense and eternal love for His people. You get to see God do crazy stuff in you, through you, and through the people around you. And we’re just scratching the surface. So why wouldn’t ya want to share that the with the world?

You’re going to have doubts. You’re going to have people, yourself included, tell ya that there’s plenty of missions’ opportunities to be had here. But let me tell you it doesn’t end here. That’s what the great commission is all about. In Mathew 28:16-20 God calls us to make disciples of ALL NATIONS…not just your own. Through it all God tells us He is “with us always, to the very end of the age.”

So, say yes friends! Say yes to the chance to travel, learn, meet new sisters and brothers in Christ. Say yes to experiencing God work in ways you never would have thought possible.  All I ask is you is that you take 20 seconds of courage and say YES to the chance of a lifetime!