Hi friends (shout out to Isaiah, my one and only subscriber thus far),
So I’m sitting in a classroom in Minneapolis Minnesota soaking in the last 2 and a half days of fundraising how-to’s.  Naturally, my Type B personality keeps making all of these objections to things like spreadsheets, planners, and organization, but I know they’re good and I’m so thankful for the ways that they’ll help me this summer.  So I came into this week knowing I would be faced with a slight information overload, but when I got here, the Lord gave me a ton of little presents in the form of PEOPLE!  I have no idea why I didn’t think community would be a thing this week, but I was (am) so pleasantly surprised.  Such a Jesus thing to do!  
When I first got off the plane, a girl named Esther was waiting for me in a coffee shop near my gate.  Her smile is as big as Texas and she is easily the most approachable human I’ve ever known.  We waited about an hour for the next wave of people to land and in that time span, we swapped stories.  Let me tell you what. Esther is no joke.  She’s a living, breathing testimony to the faithfulness and love of our Father.  She had a pretty traumatic brain injury a few years back (she fell off a mountain- OH MY STARS) and recently released injured her head which caused a lot of pain.  She had to quit her job and for 5 weeks was in complete darkness and close to complete silence.  As she was describing this 5 week period (with a smile still on her face) I could tell the experience was incredibly difficult and painful for her.  What she said next honestly blew me away and I’ve been thinking about it all week.  After standing in faith and trusting that the Lord would move, Esther asked God to create a way for her to come to GoWeek.  The next morning, she woke up pain-free (holla holla!).  Esther realized that the “dark” season was exactly 40 days and she knew the Lord was preparing her for this ministry ahead.  While here, she’s had to miss a few of the sessions due to pain, but SHE IS HERE AND THAT IS A MIRACLE AND WE GIVE GOD THE GLORY! She loves Jesus and trusts Him like it’s her JOB (which it is, but still).  Through Esther, the Lord reminded me that He is faithful to His call and that trusting Him with every ounce of my being is going to create more intimacy, trust, and a chance for God to show off.
So there’s that.  My first crazy awesome experience with GoWeek and I hadn’t even made it out of the airport (insert praise hands).  I also met my partner in crime who just so happens to be going with me to East Asia.  She’s kind of the coolest and every time I think about doing ministry with her I instinctively start fist pumping.  She also loves Penny & Sparrow, so YEAH.  Seriously though, she loves Jesus like crazy and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work alongside her!
All in all, GoWeek has been a huge encouragement.  I’m so thankful for a gracious and giving God who knows exactly what I need even when I forget to ask.  I’m beyond excited to spend this summer casting vision, reconnecting with people, and being challenged more and more to trust God.  I feel humbled to the core (and ridiculously excited) that He would trust a broken sinner like me to proclaim his good news to the ends of the earth. EEEEEEK LET’S GO!!!