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Chapter 9: A New Sister!

Posted on Saturday, June 16, 2018

I got introduced to a local man named Obi through my team leader early in the month and have been meeting with him every month to help him with English, but mainly to study The Word with him. He considers himself 'Muslim' for the sole reason that he lives here. However, he has been searching for the truth for years.

Second time I met with him, he mentioned one of his female friends (her name is Ramz) who also has also shown interest in learning more about Jesus. So I met with her that day and shared The Gospel. She listened and took it in. For 3 weeks, I hadn't seen her until she came to a picnic for all the ladies from Sports Club. She had planned on staying for 30 minutes but ended up staying the entire 5 hours! At the picnic, we did short discovery bible studies, had lunch, and played games. Rams got a chance to sit down with my national partner and heard The Gospel for the second time. She cried as she heard it but left the picnic filled with joy. It was since that moment when I knew she is a person of peace. Since the picnic, she has been coming to Sports every week and meeting with different girls. Several Wednesdays after, my national partner and I met up with her because she had several questions. We talked, shared, and answered her questions.

Near the end of our meeting, we asked her...

"So, do you believe all this?" "Yes, I do." 

"Do you believe that JC died for your sins?" "Yes"

"Do you want to accept Him into your life as your Savior?" "Yes"

"If you want, you can pray the prayer of confession and accept Him right now. Do you want to?"

"..." (Phone rings)

She did not reply so we encouraged her to pray about it and that we will talk after Sports again. Fast forward to after Sports Club, my national partner and other foreign friend sat down with her and asked her once again,

"Do you want to accept Him as your Savior?" "Yes!"

So they prayed and she received Jesus!

When she came back to the big group, she was just FILLED with joy and could not stop smiling. I went up to her and welcomed her into the family with love.

Praise God for touching her and giving her life! 

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