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Chapter 10: A New Brother Too!

Posted on Saturday, June 16, 2018

The man, Obi, who I have been meeting with just gave his life to Christ!

I have been helping him with English and reading The Word with him weekly going through stories from the Old Testament to Jesus. Every week, he walked out of our meeting with something new learned about God/Jesus. Two weeks before I left the field, we did a study and he asked a lot of questions about his fears if he becomes a follower of Christ. I was able to tell that he was very close to making a decision. At the end of our meeting, he turned to me and said, “David, I think I will be ready to make a decision the next time we meet.” We prayed and parted our ways. As I was on my way to a prayer meeting, I began to lift him up by name and prayed in the Spirit. At the prayer meeting and after the meeting, I shared about Obi and as a group, we prayed for his salvation.

The week after, my schedule was too full to meet with him.

So, the week after, my leader and national partner met with Obi and shared with Obi some verses about Jesus. In the end, my national partner, Sher, asked him

"Do you believe that J is Your Savior and want to receive Him right now into your life?"

“Yes” Obi replied.

Then, they prayed together and Obi prayed to receive Jesus! (Praise The Lord!)

Obi then asked Sher and my leader not to share it with anyone because he was scared of what others would think and he wanted to tell others himself when he felt ready.

It has been quite amazing to witness what God has been doing this past month and in this time of Ramadan, time of fasting and praying. Join me in praying for this nation continually.

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