Transition #3 - Obey & Clarity

Christmas and New Year’s passed and I admit that it was tough being across the world from home and family. I spent Christmas with another team and for a good amount of time, I couldnt help but think of traditions and annual holiday celebrations back home with company of my family and home fellowship. Morning of Christmas, when I woke up and spent the whole morning alone, it hit me hard that I still didnt have a place of homehere. Even here, I feel like I am giving portion of myself to multiple groups; Korean community, non-Korean expats, Sunday fellowship, and locals. I am realizing how these different networks of mine dont intersect each other and the difficulties of having no overlap in these areas of my life. Pray that God will show me creative ways to integrate different areas of my life. 

This past month, God has been giving me more clarity in terms of long-term visioning. As I spoke and shared my visions with one of my co-workers, she had a prophetic word for me about how she heard God was telling me to learn Russian for He wanted to keep moving me after this journey. I prayed and heard Him telling me the same; To push in my language learning and to start learning Russian. I have been learning little bit of Russian, but I will be officially starting lessons in the beginning of March. Pray for my constant season of language learning and discipline & power to learn them well with a positive heart.

Something else that God has been clarifying for me is my role and potential projects for me to take lead on. A lot of prayer and brainstorming have gone in this discernment and one of the projects that I will be taking charge of is organizing a short-term team to Artesia. This opportunity is huge because this will not only be an opportunity for more open door and deeper relationships with those villages, but an opportunity for a team to live and love the locals through His love. Pray for Spirits guidance and for His provision in assembling His team for this project.

Few days before Christmas, I and two other ladies on our team had a sleepover at a closeby gypsie village. This family has a history of domestic violence and even unholy spirits in one of the children. Going over, I had my heart open for Spirit to take over and lead. Once I got there, I got introduced to the family and the father, especially, seemed very open. A moment later, the wife came and apologized to me for I won't be able to spend the night because she feared her husband might get upset and violent. This was unfortunate since I came prepared to get to know him and it being dark at 7 PM, I wasn't quite sure how to get home. She apologized multiple times to and asked me not to be sad. She still insisted that I stay and at least, have dinner with them. So, I did. 4 kids (3 boys, 1 girl) gathered around us and started to ask questions. As the night went on and we ate, their uncle came in and stayed over. The uncle, 2 oldest sons, and I connected really well. Especially the oldest son, 18 years old, showed a lot of interest in conversing with me. The more I got to know him, he shared how he does some bad behaviors such as smoking, chewing tabacoo, and using bad language. I stepped out with him and told him a part of my testimony and how I turned from my ways to God. That was the first time sharing a part of my testimony and he seemed to understand the potential harms of walking in the wrong path. I really had no plans in terms of connecting with the son, but that night was special with him. Throughout the night, he stuck by my side and showed great interest in what I had to say. It seemed that God really gave the entire family joy and peace throughout the night as the mother and children were having a day of laughter and love. Pray this family will experience Gods love first-hand through stories, visions, and dreams.

Answered Prayers:

1. There was a significant training on disciple making movements that happened with local fellowships recently. This is a huge answer to our prayers, as more people are catching the vision of there being a movement in Artesia.

2. We are considering hiring a third national partner. Ask God for wisdom as to whether we should hire somebody and as to who we should hire.