It's easy to feel like you aren't making a difference. It's easy to think your language isn't enough, or these two years is just a random gap year. Looking at your friends back home and realizing your stage in life is much different from theirs can be really hard. Even if it's a hard pill to swallow it's a good one. 

My view of missions has changed just as much as my view of the Church. Everything feels interconnected! I look at the work of the German Church and wonder how this will affect the American Church. I wonder how the Arab Church will impact the Polish or Brazilian. Though there is a different name before the word "Church" we are all one. 

My language will be enough even if all I say is Jesus. My presence is enough as long as I walk in the name of Jesus. My stage of life is different but will also be enough as I walk in the guidance of the Lord. 

My view of many things has changed and it's not always the most comfortable feeling, but I'm thankful I'm being led by Christ as change comes.