Moment of Honesty

I SUCK at updating this blog. That is just the truth. I think about it often and I usually want to say so much but then I think, naw, I'll do something else. Nevertheless, here I am, attempting to convey something meaningful, honest, and impactful. 

When I was preparing to move abroad I read everyone's blog. Every day I would check for a new update. I wanted hints, tips, advice to what I could expect. It was these blogs that motivated me to continue to MPD (raising support process). 

All that to be said, here's some things that I've found helpful since moving here. 

  1. Finding people back home and in your country to ask you the hard question without any filters. Both the spiritual and the everyday questions
  2. Language is a tool to share the Gospel, don't wait until your language is at a certain level before you start talking about your faith 
  3. After a year of living somewhere new, you get into routine and habits. Break all of it once you realize and pretend like it's your first month there. 
  4. Stay out late at least once a month. You meet new people, and people share the most about themselves in the late hours. 
  5. Every day is an adventure that the Lord has blessed you to be a part of. Remember that even when it gets hard. 

I've been here for a year and I've loved many moments and hated even more. But perspective in all of this is the Lord has sent me here to be his child, to reflect his love, and to grow as his daughter. He could have done this is the states but here is where I am and I'm happy.