Language...why does it have to be so hard?

Learning Thai has been an adventure. Our language school goes by modules; there are six total and then you can take other classes by topic. I currently just began one of the hardest modules, number 3. This is supposed to be one of the hardest modules because we are continuing to learn Thai phonetically so we can communicate, but we are also starting to learn how to write in Thai. The teacher is one of the hardest and we have quizzes everyday and a big test every ten days of class. I just began on Thursday and I will honestly say that I am so nervous for this module for many reasons, but especially because I heard you have to commit a minimum of five hours to finishing the homework given every night...the problem is I literally do not have that time due to meetings, hanging out in the community, and other responsibilities. So in conclusion, please please pray for me! 

In regards to my ability to speak, praise God that I am getting along. It's hard, but my only issues right now is not having time to study. I was struggling with a lack of motivation, but likely I do well with accountability and now that I have a quiz everyday, I am definitly motivated. Although the Thai language is hard, God has been so gracious and merciful. I am ale to communicate a bit with others, sometimes its a little awkward because its hard to start conversation with such a lack of language, but when we get going, thankfully I can somewhat hold a brief conversation depending on what we are talking about. The best is how many times a day I get laughed at because what I say makes no sense to them! (I learned to just laugh with the Thai's as well, haha) 

The one thing I've learned most is just try. It doesnt matter if its wrong and people laugh at you all the time, the more you try, the more you become comfortable speaking and the better you get! It is a long, slow, and somewhat annoying process because I just want to communicate already, but thankfully I see improvment. :) 


*The picture includes myself and my wonderful teammates that we go to class together! We all go to the same school and suffer together, haha! Jaime and Natalie are wonderful friends, teammates, and schoolmates!