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She Gets It

Posted on Wednesday, March 5, 2014

She’s a young girl in my community.

She’s 17 years old.

Has braces, short brown hair, and the lives at the front of our community.

She and her older sister are the only two Christians in her family.

She is shy, yet displays natural leadership abilities.

She sees the world through such a unique and uncommon perspective.

A perspective of hope and for something more.

She’s taken notice of the way the children around her have fallen by the way side.

How they’ve slipped into drug addictions.

How they’ve developed a joy in going to gaming centers where gambling most likely takes place.

And how their parents have drinking problems and don’t seem to notice any change.

She reminisces on the days were older youth in her community mentored her and her peers.

They looked after her.

Taught her.

Loved her.

She watched them grow up and leave, as it’s simply a part of life.

She quickly took notice that there was no longer anyone to look after the new children in her community.

So she’s stood up and wants to make a change.

She cares for the livelihood of these children.

Not only because she once had someone care for her, but because she realizes that this is something that they desperately need.

She drafted up plans and developed a weekend program to help get these kids away from their newfound addictions.

She shared it with her friends and sought help.

But none seemed to be interested.

All she wants to do is open a library in our community.

She wants to create a safe place for these kids to come.

A place to learn.

A place to grow.

A place to laugh.

And a place to simply just be a kid again.

Even when no one was interested, she still pressed on.

In an environment where it’s easier to be weighed down by the state of things,

She chooses to hope.

She chooses to love.

She chooses to lead.

And I’m inspired.

I’m impressed.

I’m in awe.

I see the Spirit moving through her.

But mostly I’m grateful that someone that understands these kid’s pains has rose to the occasion and has genuine desire to shepherd them.

This is the beginning of something in my community.

A start of something old that will become new.

This is what I get to be a part of.

Something I have the privilege of coming alongside and partnering with.

Empowering people to better their lives and the lives of others.

I say again, I’m inspired by this young girl.

She gets it.

She gets that this life isn’t about me, it’s about serving the King.

She’s a young girl in my community.

She’s 17 years old.

And she gets it.

Amen to that.


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