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Class of 2020
Community Development Coordinator in Central Asia
Class of 2018
Agricultural/Environmental Techincal Advisor in Southeast Asia
Class of 2020
Heath Care Training & Volunteer Public Health Work in Bulgaria
Class of 2018
Outreach Among Marginalized Children and Youth in Germany
Class of 2021
Refugee Aid Worker in Middle East
Class of 2018
Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Organizer in Peru


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Why Walking Is Bad

By Laura on March 18, 2015

              Last week I spent 4 days at an orphanage. Night and day we ate, worked and slept in the building that is home to over 30 disabled children. I had a hard time sleeping at night; partly from my mind spinning from medical and therapy possibilities from the day past and for the day ahead, and partly from hearing crying children left unconsoled in their beds. This trip I was accompanied by a former GoCorps goer who is visiting my team to offer her expertise as an occupational therapist. She has been blessing the foster families and orphanages with her assessments and therapy... Read more

We all have Songs, We all have Stories

By Angie on November 30, 2021

“Jesus is the Answer” is a very easy phrase- almost a platitude. It looks at home on a bumper sticker, is an easy sentiment given to those who are hurting, and could probably be found written in script over a rustic wooden sign on sale for 40% off at Hobby Lobby. But throughout the Gospels, rather than being the Great Answer, Jesus asked 307 questions. Almost twice the number of questions He was asked (183). Of the questions He was asked, what percentage do you think he answered? Seventy Percent? Fifty? Try one point six percent. He only answered three questions directly.* One of these three... Read more

Melissa's Story

By Isabel on March 16, 2020

Imagine that you’re a six-year-old child. You’ve just left behind all that you know -- your home, friends, and relatives -- to start a new life in another country. You don’t know the culture or the language, and at school, the words coming out of your teachers’ and classmates’ mouths sound like gibberish. That sounds rather challenging, doesn’t it? Well, that’s the story of one our students named *Melissa, who entered BridgeWay at the beginning of this school year, not knowing any Spanish or English. When we first met Melissa, my fellow teachers and I were at a loss as to how to communicate... Read more

Send me?

By Bonita on July 12, 2017

What makes anyone qualified to do the things that we do? That's a question I've asked a lot in the past few months. I went to a Christian university. Is that enough? I went on short-term mission trips. Maybe that makes me qualified! I have quiet time and some believe I'm a passionate person when I pray. The list of the things we do or know can go on forever and still many of us will question if we are qualified.  Then again, how can we be qualified, we know our own personal sin. Not patient enough. Not submissive enough. What if you aren't confident in meeting strangers? When we start looking... Read more

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