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Class of 2017
Middle East Refugee Ministry in Middle East
Class of 2015
Small Business Facilitator in Malawi
Class of 2017
Campus Outreach in Mexico
Class of 2017
Mission Apprentice in Spain
Class of 2017
Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Promotor in Peru
Class of 2014
Physical Therapist in East Asia


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Is it worth it? Yes.

By Dora on August 25, 2018

Hi, friends!             I’ve been slowly reading through a book series called The Wingfeather Saga, which is a good ole fantasy, adventure story. In the second book of the series, there is profound quote that constantly comes to my mind as I think more about the transition to Phoenix and full-time ministry these next two years. The context of the quote is a prime character named Janner is reflecting about the adventure he’s been thrown into and how the journey has already impacted him so much.  The journey has stretched and challenged him to the point where he realizes he and his family will... Read more

Walking & listening & loving & learning

By Marina on July 4, 2018

I met Martha on my 2nd evening on the Camino. I had heard about her earlier that day from Meghan, an engineer from South Africa who I ended up walking the later half of the day’s route with. She had asked me if I’d met Martha from Georgia yet, and explained that she was an older woman carrying her husbands ashes with her to Santiago. She ensured me that I would meet Martha soon because “Martha met everyone.” Meghan wasn’t wrong- that evening as I walked down my albergue’s staircase, I heard a woman at the front desk explaining (in English) to the owner of the establishment (who only spoke... Read more


By Tori on January 31, 2016

I’ve had the gift of starting the year “getting to know” people. Seriously, that’s been my job to get to know our work, our team, learn more about Dzaleka refugee camp, and develop relationships. There have absolutely been days when I’m antsy, as I learn to network and live life here, but the days I have spent with new friends, have been beautiful. As friendships begin to develop, I’ve had the honor of sharing conversations about home, life as it is, and dreams of the future. Refugee is a commonly used word, recently, as we hear about the influx of people crossing borders for safety. And,... Read more

Send me?

By Bonita on July 12, 2017

What makes anyone qualified to do the things that we do? That's a question I've asked a lot in the past few months. I went to a Christian university. Is that enough? I went on short-term mission trips. Maybe that makes me qualified! I have quiet time and some believe I'm a passionate person when I pray. The list of the things we do or know can go on forever and still many of us will question if we are qualified.  Then again, how can we be qualified, we know our own personal sin. Not patient enough. Not submissive enough. What if you aren't confident in meeting strangers? When we start looking... Read more

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