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Class of 2014
Physical Therapist in East Asia
Class of 2017
Middle East Refugee Ministry in Middle East
Class of 2015
Small Business Facilitator in Malawi
Class of 2017
Street Children Ministry in North Africa
Class of 2015
Language Acquisition Curriculum Development in Middle East
Class of 2017
Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Promotor in Peru


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White as Snow

By Farrah on April 10, 2017

My team is asked quite often, "what do you do while you're in the mountains?" To be quite honest, I think the answer to this question became even clearer to me this past trip. So if you are in the good company of the many people wondering what keeps my team here, and what causes us to travel into the mountains whenever we can, please listen to this story, and let me know what you think: Like most of our trips, this one was full of driving. We drive from village to village, singing and lifting up the people who live in the houses that we pass by. The weather here is turning from winter to... Read more

My Letter to Future Goers

By Alexander on December 19, 2017

      Well my friends, all good things must come to an end. To quote my homeboy Tolkien, “I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.” But alas, here we are at the end of two years after oceans and mountains, laughs and tears, and a whole lot of God doing some pretty neat things (usually in spite me me!).   To my friends, family, and supporters: thank you! This journey was incredible primarily because you were a part of it. Let’s keep this thing up!  To future Goers, I’m sorry. I can’t sum up everything I’d like to say to you in a succinct blog post. I’ll do my best, but if... Read more

She Gets It

By Ryan on March 5, 2014

She’s a young girl in my community.She’s 17 years old.Has braces, short brown hair, and the lives at the front of our community.She and her older sister are the only two Christians in her family.She is shy, yet displays natural leadership abilities.She sees the world through such a unique and uncommon perspective.A perspective of hope and for something more.She’s taken notice of the way the children around her have fallen by the way side.How they’ve slipped into drug addictions.How they’ve developed a joy in going to gaming centers where gambling most likely takes place.And how their parents... Read more

Chapter 9: A New Sister!

By Timothy on June 16, 2018

I got introduced to a local man named Obi through my team leader early in the month and have been meeting with him every month to help him with English, but mainly to study The Word with him. He considers himself 'Muslim' for the sole reason that he lives here. However, he has been searching for the truth for years. Second time I met with him, he mentioned one of his female friends (her name is Ramz) who also has also shown interest in learning more about Jesus. So I met with her that day and shared The Gospel. She listened and took it in. For 3 weeks, I hadn't seen her until she came to a... Read more

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