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Class of 2017
Urban Church Planting Intern in Southeast Asia
Class of 2018
Agricultural/Environmental Techincal Advisor in Southeast Asia
Class of 2018
Agrilcultural/Environmental Technical Advisor in Southeast Asia
Class of 2017
Campus Outreach in Mexico
Class of 2018
Gastronomy Food Ministry in Mexico City
Class of 2018
Outreach Among Marginalized Children and Youth in Germany


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Melissa's Story

By Isabel on March 16, 2020

Imagine that you’re a six-year-old child. You’ve just left behind all that you know -- your home, friends, and relatives -- to start a new life in another country. You don’t know the culture or the language, and at school, the words coming out of your teachers’ and classmates’ mouths sound like gibberish. That sounds rather challenging, doesn’t it? Well, that’s the story of one our students named *Melissa, who entered BridgeWay at the beginning of this school year, not knowing any Spanish or English. When we first met Melissa, my fellow teachers and I were at a loss as to how to communicate... Read more

Chapter 9: A New Sister!

By Timothy on June 16, 2018

I got introduced to a local man named Obi through my team leader early in the month and have been meeting with him every month to help him with English, but mainly to study The Word with him. He considers himself 'Muslim' for the sole reason that he lives here. However, he has been searching for the truth for years. Second time I met with him, he mentioned one of his female friends (her name is Ramz) who also has also shown interest in learning more about Jesus. So I met with her that day and shared The Gospel. She listened and took it in. For 3 weeks, I hadn't seen her until she came to a... Read more

Seek the Good

By Maggie on March 28, 2020

My arrival into Santiago has been quite an unusual one. A little over a week after I landed, we went into lock down due to the covid-19 global pandemic - a reality that has significantly influenced the landscape of my time here. Amid this required (and important) time of isolation, I’ve been reflecting on that first week I had here in Santiago and the blessing it held. Santiago is a beautiful city. It’s peppered with green spaces and parks and is situated between rivers on both sides. My first few days here carried the beginning evidences of spring with tulips and daffodils flashing with... Read more

A Passover Story

By Melody on May 1, 2018

Sometimes, the biggest things are the smallest. I think that’s true in life, but I know it’s true in ministry. Especially in a context like Germany where the average person may not have ever met a single Christian or been to a church service. My ministry hosts a variety of events with the simple purpose of building relationships that will lead to Gospel conversations. Some of these events are completely arts focused, like our regular Open Stage nights. Others are primarily Jesus focused, like our weekly Soul Space, an artistic meditation/Bible study. As one might expect, it’s been hard to... Read more

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