The Great Commission hasn’t changed in 2,000 years, but the world to which Jesus sends us has.

It’s time for a new kind of missionary. 

The global landscape has changed radically since Jesus left His followers with the Great Commission. And much has changed in our approach to world missions, especially within the past couple of decades.

Globalization, urbanization and religious extremism have created challenges that call for a different kind of missionary. Perhaps the greatest opportunity for the advancement of the gospel is increasing the number of mid-term missionaries – recent college graduates who are ready and willing to put their marketplace skills to work for two-years alongside a long-term team. 

These new kind of mission workers – we call them Goers – are an untapped and much-needed resource in the modern missionary era. 

Here’s why.

Today, those who have the greatest need for the gospel live predominately in countries that are closed to traditional missionaries. Yet doors are wide open to men and women with marketplace skills that address pressing economic and social challenges. 

Mission agencies are adjusting to this new reality with initiatives that create jobs, advocate for the oppressed, and engage marketplace leaders. In other words, doing what it takes to get the Christian witness into hard to reach places. Led by long-term missionaries, the new initiatives need creative and talented believers with specific marketplace expertise who will come long enough to make a difference.

Among the unreached, short-term missions cannot make the impact mid-term missions do. Goers serve two year commitments, a timeframe long enough to learn the local language and establish relationships. Recent college grads are ideal because they are in the most mobile season of their lives, are the best positioned and the most available to go.

Unfortunately, the biggest reason why young adults are not serving mid-term commitments is because there isn’t an efficient path to get them there. The process of finding a way to use their degree globally can be confusing and lengthy.  Further, many feel tied down by their student loans.

Would-be Goers need help in addressing the barriers in their way.   A new pathway is needed.  Something that would help them to find a good fit, and once they do, to expedite the process and help them overcome the various hurdles they are encountering.

Enter GoCorps.

Paul Van Der Werf founded GoCorps in 2009 with the goal of breaking through the barriers that get in the way of potential Goers.

Young adult Christians were overlooking or giving up on mid-term missions due to debt and difficulty in finding and connecting with and strategic global opportunities.  Collaboration with pastors and missions leaders revealed that the lengthy process to get overseas was too cumbersome and overwhelming for most students. These road-blocks that prevented mid-terms missions were overcome by GoCorps through designing an easy-to-navigate “on ramp” that: 

  • connects young adults with ways to integrate their major, marketplace skills and their faith through two-year global assignments.

  • streamlines cumbersome processes with access to 15 leading missions organizations all through one website and one common application form and process.

  • tackles the challenge of relevancy through offering ways that recent grads of all career aspirations can gain global work experience and mentoring in their major while they serve.

  • addresses the burden of school debt. GoCorps makes service financially viable by providing Goers with $5000 in loan forgiveness for their student loans.

Fast forward five years.

Today, GoCorps is the one-stop connection point for young adults who are looking for a place where they can put their education and their faith to work with the right ministry organization and the right assignment. 

Our Goers describe their two-year experience as the most stretching, fruitful, and growing experience of their life.  They serve long enough to learn the local language and establish relationships. They learn to live, work and share their faith purposefully, being intentional in their relationships with their co-workers and neighbors. All while gaining cross-cultural work experience and learning more about themselves and expanding their world-view. 

Goers discover what it is to live and pray and act in faith. And they grow in confidence that God can use them to bring the gospel message of hope and life to the oppressed and those in need of the gospel, no matter where they are. 

These Goers are being transformed as they meet real needs around the world and make an eternal impact on the least reached. Some Goers decide to pursue longer term cross-cultural ministry after they complete their two years. For all, what they experience as a Goer has a long-term effect on the way they see the world, spend their money, and invest their time and talents.  Their two years affects the trajectory of the rest of their lives!

That’s why we’ve set aggressive goals for GoCorps.

We are committed to annually doubling the number of Goers we send, working toward 250 new Goers a year by the end of the current decade. That’s 250 talented, committed, passionate Christians advancing Kingdom goals – marketplace mission apprentices bringing help and hope to least reached communities. Every year.

But we can’t grow without you. Although the Goers raise their own support, there’s more to the ministry than their expenses. We raise money to cover the Goer loan forgiveness commitment. And there is travel, recruitment activities, salaries for a small number of staff and mentoring.

We are looking for people who understand the value of investing in the operating costs of GoCorps 

Our goal is to match givers to Goers – one for one. Specifically, we are seeking 250 givers who will support the sending ministry of GoCorps with an annual gift of $1,200 or $2,400. Without this funding, GoCorps won’t grow and fewer young adults will serve.


Here’s what you do.  Prayerfully give at one of these giving levels or some other amount.

  • MOBILIZERS are those who give $1,200 ($100/mo) or more annually. These gifts lay the foundation and enable us to do the nuts and bolts of day-to-day ministry.

  • SPONSORS are those who give $2,400 ($200/mo) or more annually. These gifts are crucial to fully funding the loan forgiveness fund.

For your convenience in giving, you can set up automatic monthly contributions, mail a check, or give with a credit card or Paypal.   Learn more about how to give.