Each year, GoCorps recruits and places goers in 25+ different teams in more than twelve countries.  And while each place and each opportunity is a little different, there are also many aspects of serving overseas with the GoCorps partnership that are the same everywhere. In each location:

  • You'll meet each week with your team leader to be coached and to assess the progress in the goals and objectives of your placement assignment.
  • Language learning will be a major priority, especially in your first year.  You'll spend some time in study, some time with a language partner and a bunch of time out in the local community interacting and practicing your new vocabulary - you can do this!
  • You'll focus on building relationships.  Each of the GoCorps placements are in teams that are intent on sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to those who've never heard.  You'll build friendships with those around you and naturally share the hope that you have found in Jesus Christ.
  • You'll grow in being a learner.  Besides learning the local language, you'll be focusing on learning the culture and learning about the people that God's brought you to live among and love.  You were in a classroom during college for four years.  Now is the time that the world will be your classroom.
  • You'll have a specific project and role to fulfill on your team.  You might be an English teacher, or you may be social worker for those in the sex trade, depending on the track that you've been applied to.  Either way, each week and often daily, you'll spend time on your specific project.

Living overseas is rich with discoveries and numerous adventures in just your normal daily life.  One thing we can guarantee is that you won't be bored and that you'll have lots of stories to post on Facebook!  What's your next step?  It's time to think about filling out an online application!