The places where GoCorps Goers are being sent are some of the poorest cities and countries in the whole world, both physically and spiritually.  Many of the places where you might serve are under governmental restrictions on many of the freedoms of local life. All of the places exhibit great spiritual need.

Given the nature of GoCorps placements, we are looking for Goers that are:

  • Followers of Christ - Goers have a growing walk with Christ and are striving towards a lifestyle of Godly character. Since the ultimate goal of the GoCorps placements is to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ, Goers must be living the life that they are proclaiming.

  • Full of Faith - Goers work in the midst of both spiritual and physical poverty and severe injustices. Goers are prayerful and hopeful and are willing to fight for God's promises of hope, healing and justice.

  • Strong Character - Goers are dependable and both self-motivated and able to work in a team.  Goers are known to be persons of integrity, self-discipline and hold themselves to a high standard.

  • Learners - Goers are flexible life-long learners and adaptable to stressful, demanding and changing circumstances.

  • Culturally Sensitive - Goers are willing to invest themselves in building cross-cultural relationships to effectively communicate the Gospel.

Learn about some of the pre-requisites to applying