Here's some things to help you determine if you’re pre-qualified to be a GoCorps Goer:

  • I have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and have a Christ-centered worldview and lifestyle.

  • I will be a college graduate or have equivalent work/education experience by GoWeek.

  • I am able to start with full-time pre-field prep after GoWeek.

  • I am regularly active in a church.

  • I am ready for a faith adventure.

  • I am ready to learn and serve.

  • I have skills or background that fit one of the GoCorps tracks of service.

  • I am ready to take initiative and be flexible.

  • I am ready for a two-year placement overseas.

  • I wouldn't mind $5000 for my student loans.

Do these statements describe you? If so, we whole heartedly encourage you to apply or fill out an inquiry form and we'll get in touch with you. Who knows, you could be living overseas this year!

Learn more about who we're looking for in our Goers.