When asked for his prayer request, Jesus said to 'Pray to the Lord of the Harvest for more workers.'  If we are to see our vision of seeing a movement of mid-term workers sent to the least reached globally, we need spiritual awakening on our campuses.  Our campuses and churches need to unite in prayer for awakening and for wokers to be sent.  Toward this end, GoCorps sponsors and participates in the annual Collegiate Day of Prayer.

The Collegiate Day of Prayer
For nearly a hundred years the Church in America observed a day of united prayer for God to awaken and revive our colleges. At a time when the spiritual needs of our nation and world are so great, and so many are calling for more student prayer, is there any reason why this historic day of prayer should not continue? A witness of these historic events was once asked about the spiritual decline of America's students. Without hesitation, she replied: "It is due almost entirely to the fact that we no longer observe the Day of Prayer for Colleges as we used to do. There used to be long seasons of prayer in the college chapel and all-day meetings for fasting and prayer in almost all the churches. We asked God to raise up ministers and missionaries among the students and He did it...‘Ye have not because ye ask not.'"

Learn more and register your prayer plans at the Collegiate Day of Prayer website.