GoCorps exists to connect Christian young adults with ways they can use their degree overseas along side strategic long-term projects.  We mobilize Goers to those beyond the current reach of the gospel by recruiting young adults from all career interests to serve globally using their marketplace skills for two years among the least reached and those in extreme poverty through ten tracks of service.

Goers serve in the hardest places where culture, history and economics have converged to leave generations without access to a culturally relevant understanding of the gospel.  Goers are often the first to tell those in the city that they are placed in about the good news of life in Jesus Christ.

Today, the greatest need and opportunity globally is for those with marketplace skills to use their degrees to make a difference.  GoCorps placements are for two years as this is long enough to learn culture and become conversational in the local language, both key factors to making a significant contribution to the longer term projects that Goers are joining.  Beyond two years of service globally, our hope is for Goers to bring strong leadership and influence to the church and the market place, instilling a commitment to lifelong involvement in advocating for and addressing the special challenges in bearing the message of Jesus Christ to the least reached globally.