GoCorps serves campus, church and ministry leaders by providing a simplified on-ramp and a streamlined process for recent grads in their twenties to serve overseas in mid-term missions (2 years) among the least reached and the global poor. 

Leaders are a key link in making mid-term service an accessible option.  We have created the GoCorps pathway to greatly reduce the main barriers recent grads face to using their degree globally.  However, there are lots of other hurdles that young adults will need to overcome:  fears, parents, relationships, distractions, and on and on; all of these are common.  In order for students and young adults to really see serving globally for two years as a viable option, most need someone they know and trust to walk with them in the process.  Often, it will be their pastor, collegiate staff or campus minister that makes them aware that going for two years is even an option.  Local campus leadership is the key link to making mid-term overseas service opportunities accessible to the emerging generation. 

What a partnership looks like
Our staff partner with collegiate and church leaders by working together doing the four practices that are necessary for unlocking young adults to serve globally in mid-term missions:

  1. Invite - Sometime in the Fall, the collegiate leader sets up an info meeting for juniors and seniors and, as possible, GoCorps staff presents the idea of mid-term missions and answers questions.
  2. Pursue - The collegiate leader makes it a goal to sit down one on one with each senior in their ministry and ask them the question "Why would you not go overseas and use your degree for the gospel after you graduate?"
  3. Encourage and Remind - After the winter break, do a weekly announcement in their ministry to re-invite the graduating seniors and young adults to apply before the first application deadline (March 1).
  4. Pray - GoCorps will resource you with monthly prayer guides of how to intercede for your campus and young adults and their involvement of using their degree globally for great commission purposes.

How does a partnership with GoCorps begin?  It usually starts with a phone call or a cup of coffee with a GoCorps staff mobilizer.  If you both agree that GoCorps can serve by providing a pathway for graduating seniors and twenty-somethings to connect with strategic mid-term mission opportunities, then at that point, we send you a GoCorps Promo Packet and begin connecting with you on a regular basis to help you cultivate a culture mid-term missions on your campus and ministry. 

To take the next step, email us - info@gocorps.org - and one of our staff will get in touch with you to talk to you about how GoCorps can help you create a culture of serving globally for two years in your ministry.