Missions is too important to be left to just the missionaries.

Ever thought of it that way?

We believe that God's desire is for all of those that follow him to be involved in his global mission of bringing life, hope and restoration to all peoples. All of us can participate with God by sharing the good news with the lost that we encounter everyday and by making disciples where we are. The great commission and global missions is an all-play!

There will always be a need for long-term cross-cultural workers that are committed to serving and staying for as long as it takes. However, today there is also the need for a new kind of goer... goers that will go mid-term (2 years), using their marketplace skills and passions as they join existing projects and work alongside long-termers. Mid-termers are playing a growing and strategic role.

Missions was never meant to be left just to the missionaries. So, if you don't see yourself as a long-term missionary... that's OK! You may be the new kind of goer that is needed, and GoCorps can help you get from here to there!