GoCorps exists to foster a culture of mid-term missions in North America.  For most of the last two decades, short term missions has exploded in the churches and on the campuses on our continent.  However, those with the least access to the gospel are left virtually untouched by the short-term mission movement.

Mid-term missions refers to a time commitment of two years.  Serving cross-culturally for two years exponentially increases the impact of and the impact on the goer.  It is long enough to become conversational in the local language and culture, long enough to build deep relationships and long enough to plug into an existing team and make a significant contribution to a longer term project.  Serving for two years overseas in your 20s is a strategic choice for young adults of all career interests as it provides a unique experience in which goers grow not only personally and spiritually, but professionally as well!

We believe that it is time for the bar to be raised.  Short-term missions is a good first step.  But now is the time for campuses and churches across the country to make mid-term missions a part of the culture of their ministries.  For those that want to make mid-term missions a reality, GoCorps is your on-ramp to help recruit and place young adults among the least reached.

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