The greatest injustice of our time is a spiritual one. More than two thousand years after Jesus gave His followers the command to go to those who have never heard the good news, there are still 1.6 billion people without access to the simple truth that the creator of the world loves them deeply, cares for them and wants to have a personal relationship with them.

These least reached peoples live in areas that have significant political and economic challenges to freely hear and respond to the good news. Tragically, most of these 1.6 billion least reached people are also are the world’s poorest of the poor and suffer the health and other issues that accompany those in extreme poverty. They are the 'least of these' that Jesus is referring to in Matthew 25. Because there are no local churches in these areas, the only way for the gospel to take root among the least reached is for long term cross cultural workers to go and learn the culture and language, and go to live among these people that God loves so much and has given his life for. 

GoCorps is committed to finding the most effective team leaders that are serving in strategic ways among the least reached and placing recent college graduates to serve for two years along side an existing long term project that is centered around seeing the good news of Jesus Christ take root and grow into a thriving local church.