We don't believe that there is a magical calling to missions. There simply isn't a special calling necessary beyond what is found in God's word.  God's heart for the world and for the lost the least is evident from Genesis to Revelation. Therefore, believers don't need a secondary calling to go and give two years to bring the gospel to the least reached. God's already called us through Scripture to go and make disciples of all peoples.  Why do we wait for a lightning bolt or some other miraculous sign? All that's needed is for us to put our yes on the table!

God clearly invites his believers to take the gospel to the world in the Great Commission.  Even as important, there are over 1600 verses in the Bible that express His love for all nations and his desire that those that know him are to bring the good news to those who do not. 

When asked if they are willing to go overseas for the sake of the gospel, most Christians say they will pray about it.  Why is it the only command in scripture that we feel compelled to commit to special prayer?  We don't read God's commands of 'honor your father and mother' or 'do not murder' and feel that we should pray about whether those commands are meant for us.  That is why we say 'don't pray about the Great Commision!'  Instead, follow what you've already been commanded to do!

So, of course we want you to pray and to pray about your involvement in GoCorps.  But... fair warning.  As you put your yes on the table, be ready and willing for God to put it on the map!