We can help you connect your students to meaningful ways that they can use their degree globally after graduation.  GoCorps is a one stop connection point for your students to find a way to integrate their faith with their degree globally.  We are an on-ramp to 15 leading mission organizations who all use one website and one common application form and process.  All of our placements are for two years and focus on how recent grads can use their major to serve the least reached and global poor through a two year commitment.
We believe that what a student majors in matters to God, and it matters to the least reached.  God's wants his followers to be active in all domains of society, building his kingdom.  Further, we know that the places that need the gospel most also need people with marketplace skills in order to be relevant and to make a difference.
Here's where you come in!  One of the best ways for university students and graduating seniors to learn about how they can use their degree globally is through a simple class announcement.  Here's how you can let students know about GoCorps opportunities:
  1. Download or stream the 1 and 1/2 minute GoCorps promo video embedded on this page.
  2. Make a short announcement personally endorsing why you believe using their degree globally right after college makes sense and why GoCorps is a good place to start.  Sample text here.
  3. Encourage students to go to the GoCorps website to learn more -
  4. Print out our 2 page list of placement opportunities for each student.
It could take as little as 3-4 minutes at the beginning of your class.  But these few minutes could make all the difference in helping some of your students learn about a viable way for them to get global work experience in their major, pay down their student loans, and make a difference for the gospel in a place that has long been forgotten.

To learn more about GoCorps, start by checking out the list of current placement openings and watch a short video of our exective director sharing why a new kind of Goer is needed.