GoCorps is a 501(c3) non-profit organization that exists to build the mid-term mission movement nationally.  GoCorps partners with leading mission organizations toward the goal of overcoming the primary barriers that keep young adults from serving overseas for two years as a next step after graduation.  

Our goal is to make serving globally for two years an accessible option for young adults in their 20s. GoCorps is a simplified on-ramp and a streamlined pathway for young adults to serve globally for two years through marketplace and skill-set based tracks of service.  All partnering organizations use one application form and assessment process ensuring that applicants can go from interest to overseas in six months.  GoCorps sends Goers in teams of two or more to join existing long-term teams and projects with site leaders that are proven and effective Kingdom workers.  Learn more about our mission and approach.

GoCorps partners with collegiate and church leaders to connect twenty-somethings to strategic ways they can use their degree to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to those with little access to the gospel.  Campus ministers, pastors, staff, student leaders and other collegiate leadership are the point people for making GoCorps placements known on their campuses and in their churches.  All sending and collegiate partners are unified in our statement of faith.

The GoCorps staff team is passionate about this generation's involvement in the great commission and is deeply committed to serving churches, organizations and campuses toward building a culture of mid-term missions in their ministries.  GoCorps is under the stewardship and authority of the GoCorps Board of Directors.