Walk Week Global 5k

Walk 3.1 Miles for the 3.1 Billion Unreached!

Walk Week 2020 is August 10-16. On the final day of Walk Week, August 16, all Walkers are invited to do a full 5k (3.1 miles) to raise awareness and mobilize prayer for the 3.1 billion unreached peoples.  Walkers are encouraged to invite others to join them for this 3.1 mile walk.  All Walk Week Walkers will receive a Global 5k Event Guide as a part of their registration.  The event guide gives ideas of how to recruit others to the event, and then how to lead and facilitate a walk that helps those who participate learn about GoCorps and our focus on sending Goers to the unreached as well as praying at a couple times throughout the 5k walk.

The Global 5k is an opportunity for Walkers and their friends to pray for the church to send more Goers and to pray for the unique needs among the unreached.  We hope the hour that you spend doing the Global 5k is inspiring and meaningful to you and those that you are walking with, and we hope that you'll be encourated to know that there are over 175 Walkers spanning more than 15 states and 8 countries who are registered to walk and pray in unity on this day for God to move and to send more Goers to walk with the unreached!