The Great Commission hasn’t changed in 2,000 years, but the world to which Jesus sends us has. It’s time for a new kind of missionary. 

Globalization, urbanization and religious extremism have created challenges that call for a different kind of missionary. Perhaps the greatest opportunity for the advancement of the gospel is increasing the number of recent college graduates who invest the first two years of their career in global service.  Young adults that are ready and willing to put their marketplace skills to work for two-years alongside a long-term team.  These new kind of mission workers – we call them Goers – are an untapped and much-needed resource in our current globalized context. 

Unfortunately, the biggest reason why young adults are not investing two years globally is because there isn’t an efficient path to get them there. The process of finding a way to use their degree globally can be confusing and lengthy.  Further, many feel tied down by their student loans.

Enter GoCorps. GoCorps is an easy-to-navigate “on ramp” that:

  • connects young adults with ways to integrate their major, marketplace skills and their faith globally.
  • streamlines cumbersome processes with access to multiple leading missions organizations all through one website and one common application form and process.
  • makes service financially viable by providing Goers with $5000 in student debt assistance.

Fast forward to today. Now, GoCorps is the one-stop connection point for young adults who are looking for a place where they can put their education and their faith to work with the right ministry organization and the right assignment.  We have placed almost 200 Goers among the least reached globally through seventeen partnering organizations.  And we believe we’re just getting started.

That’s why we’ve set aggressive goals for GoCorps. We are committed to working toward 250 new Goers a year by 2022.  But we can’t grow without you. Our goal is to match givers to Goers – one for one. Specifically, this year we are seeking 35 givers who will support the mission of GoCorps through one of our giving levels below. Matching each Goer with one INVESTOR, MOBILIZER and SPONSOR will ensure that we are able to send every qualified Goer that applies this year!

Giving Levels:

  • SUPPORTERS give as they are able.
  • INVESTORS give $600 or more annually enabling us to invest in the coaching and care of each Goer.
  • MOBILIZERS give $1,200 or more annually. These gifts lay the foundation and enable us to do the nuts and bolts of our day-to-day work:  recruiting young adults to invest two years overseas.
  • SPONSORS give $2,400 or more annually. These gifts ensure we’re able to fully fund our one of a kind loan forgiveness matching funds program.
  • MULTIPLIERS make a multi-year investment of $5,000 or more annually to fund capacity building and special growth initiatives. 

For your convenience in giving, you can set up automatic monthly contributions, mail a check, or give with a credit card or Paypal.   Learn more about how to give.