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Final Mile Fund

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GoCorps awards Final Mile Fund scholarships twice a year and will update you.

God has designed his mission so that it requires Goers and Senders. Some who are called to be Goers face greater challenges than others. But we believe that God’s will done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply. We believe God has purposed many people to be sacrificial Senders. We have created the Final Mile Fund to connect those called by God to be goers to those called to send. Will you help us provide the extra boost some of our most dedicated and passionate Goers need to overcome the greater obstacles they encounter?

About 20% of each class of Goers could benefit from a Final Mile Fund scholarship to ensure they are able to be Goers and join their projects without great delay. 


2024 Campaign Goal: $30,000

$ Given or Pledged: $1,000


Give Now to the Final Mile Fund

Here’s how you can invest in the Final Mile Fund and help all of our Goers and staff answer their calling and report to their field on time. For your giving convenience, there are four ways to give:

  1. Automatic Monthly Contributions: Set up automatic payments from your checking account here.     
  2. Pay by Check: Send a check payable to 'GoCorps' to:     
    GoCorps - Attn: Final Mile Fund     
    6736 Regent Ave N     
    Brooklyn Center, MN 55429     
  3. Credit Card (one time): Credit Card Contribution form     
  4. PayPal/Credit Card/Debit Card (one time and recurring):



Frequently Asked Questions

About 80% of our Goers reach their full funding by their fundraising deadline. The other 20% don’t reach their support raising finish line on time. It’s not because they didn’t work as hard or are as gifted as the others. It’s simply because their pathway was harder! We’ve found that Goers ramp up way too slowly and plateau too early in their fundraising when one or more of these three factors exist:

  1. Limited Church or Giving Capacity Networks – Many of our Goers are coming from social and church networks with limited giving capacities. Other Goers simply are coming from a small network of Christians either because they are new Christians or members of a small home church.
  2. Cultural Background – Some Goers come from cultural backgrounds where certain cultural norms present a significant barrier to our Goers raising support. For example, the directness of the fundraising process goes against some cultures that are indirect and shame based. Further, some cultural and denominational backgrounds do not have a history or culture of personal support raising as a means for missions sending.
  3. Parent Opposition – Some parents are especially opposed to their son or daughter’s choice to raise support to serve globally for two years affecting the whole process in devastating ways.

Any of these factors make the support raising journey a lot harder and therefore difficult to reach the field on time. We can’t change a Goers support raising journey, but we can help them by giving them a needed boost and a hand up at some crucial times in the process!

Final Mile Fund scholarships range from $100/mo to $500/mo. This is the final boost that some of our Goers need to report to their placement on time!

Yes. GoCorps is a federally recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Any charitable contribution to GoCorps is tax-deductible.

The scholarship helps to cover the monthly living and ministry expenses of goers serving on the field.

We believe God has given you financial blessing and the spiritual gift of giving for a purpose. This Fund allows you to connect with those God has called to go who are in need of completing their team of others called to send. Your gift will be the means God uses to unleash more goers all over the world to meet some of the greatest spiritual, social, and physical injustices of our time.

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