Yes!  If you are married (or soon to be married), you can be Goers with GoCorps.  All of our sending partners require that married couples are married for 1 year before moving overseas.  That means, the best time to apply for a GoCorps placement is in the year after your wedding.  If you have already been married for more than a year and are in your twenties and are interested in serving through GoCorps, we invite you to apply right away.

When looking for sending partners, we are looking for organizations that have a strong commitment to reaching the least reached and have a history and reputation of effective ministry, staff and organizational health.  As we come into contact with potential partners, first we assess their specific vision and heart for recent grads and for the role of mid-termers; those that make two year commitments that may or may not stay longer.  Then we talk about specific teams and locations that might be a fit for recruitment.  We partner with organizations that have a strong commitment to developing the Goers and have experience and a desire to work with twenty-somethings.  In the process, we go through a series of conversations to determine their readiness to receive new applicants for their mid-term options.

The selection of the specific teams and team leaders that we partner with is just as important to the selection of the org.  We have 10 key criteria that we look for, with the most important being who the team leader is, their giftedness and experience in leadership and on the field.

Yes!  Here's how it'd work:  In many cases, it is possible to re-arrange the timing of your final exams to enable you to attend GoWeek and so we will help you work with your professors to make the arrangements in order to attend the most important parts of GoWeek (Tue or Wed). 

No, you do not need to have a university degree to be eligible for a GoCorps placement. If you do not have a university degree, you must be at least 20 years old and have work and/or education experience that equips you for the track of service you are applying for.

In most cases, it is possible for GoCorps goers to host visitors (family and/or friends) while they are serving.

You don't have to be a graduating university senior to apply.  GoCorps is a pathway designed for singles in their 20s.  University graduates or those with a combination of work experience and/or education equivalent to a university degree between the ages of 20-29 may apply.

If you are interested in going overseas for a couple years to serve among the global and spiritual poor, then we encourage you to apply.  Filling out an application is not a commitment to go.  Instead, it is an affirmation that you are open and interested in seeing if serving overseas may be your next step.  The application and interview process is designed to help both you and us discern if serving overseas is a good fit for you in this next season of life.  Going overseas and serving in missions is not easy and requires preparation and readiness in a variety of areas.  We believe wholeheartedly that the application process with GoCorps will be a very helpful experience to you, either confirming your readiness and calling to serve globally as your next step, or helping you understand other potential next steps.

Yes. GoCorps goers raise their own financial support. Goers receive professional training on how to raise support during the GoCorps Orientation Week and coaching throughout the summer as they are raising the funds for their placement overseas. By following the GoCorps fundraising process, most goers have their full funding within ten weeks!

Note: For many people, this is the main deterrent that keeps them from pursuing the type of overseas placements that we list with GoCorps. We completely understand that many of you have questions either to your ability to raise this amount of money or your desire to enter the fundraising process. It is normal to have to have the feelings you're feeling. We simply offer you two things to consider:
1. Of all of the goers we've sent in the past three years, most have had the same feelings you're feeling, but by the end of the process, most have found that the fundraising process was an exciting, faith-building, call-confirming experience that they would not trade!
2. GoCorps places a high priority on giving all of our goers the best training, materials and coaching available to ensure that their fundraising process will be successful and quick!

Finally - we implore you not to let an aversion to fundraising be the reason why you don't pursue a placement with GoCorps. If you are excited about the idea of serving globally while making a difference and using your degree or a skill-set you have, then don't let fundraising be the reason you don't apply.

We seek individuals who have a strong Christ-centered world view, demonstrated leadership and achievement in spiritual, academic, professional, extracurricular, or volunteer settings.

Absolutely. We invite all single, recent grads (21-30 years old) to apply. Working professionals and graduate students are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applicants are generally notified of the status of their interview within one month after completing the interview.

All interviews are conducted by phone, and most are one on one with a team leader. An interview generally lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. The timing depends on the person interviewing you and how you respond to the questions. The questions will focus on things that will help us determine your commitment to Christ and Biblical truth, interest and willingness to serve in an overseas, team-based service program, flexibility and adaptability, collaboration and accountability and your personal goals. You should respond to the interview questions sincerely and honestly.

Our goal is to complete the selection process within two months of receiving the application. This means that two months after we receive an application, the applicant should know if he or she has been offered an overseas placement, placed on the alternate list or not accepted. However, due to the nature of overseas placements, there are many instances when it may take longer than two months.

The deadlines are March 1 for Fall launch dates and June 1 for Winter launch dates.

There are three steps to the application process:

  1. Applicants complete an online application and recommendations.  Application deadlines are March 1 for Fall Launch dates and June 1 for Winter launch dates.
  2. After they are contacted by a GoCorps partner, applicants participate in further assessment and a phone interview(s).
  3. Applicants that are given placement assignments are required to attend GoCorps Orientation Week (GoWeek) in the last week of May for Fall launch dates or early September for Winter launch dates.

You will have the opportunity to serve in some of the least reached places of the world, learn skill sets that include language acquisition, cultural sensitivity, leadership development, multi-cultural teamwork and living missionally. Further benefits of GoCorps service include:
>> An expedited process to go from application to overseas in less than seven months (versus the average of 18-24 months)
>> A single application form that works for all partnering organizations
>> Student loan forgiveness of $5000

GoCorps is for young adults in their 20s.

For each of the GoCorps tracks of service, your motivation, commitment to service, passion for Christ and a posture of humility are the primary requirements. Previous missions and cross cultural experience or Christian service is helpful. Teamwork, flexibility, and a positive attitude are all important for success overseas. GoCorps offers ten different tracks through which you could use your gifts and abilities to serve globally:

  1. Agriculture/Environment
  2. Business/Leadership
  3. Compassion/Justice
  4. Engineering
  5. Media/Arts
  6. Medical
  7. Sports
  8. Storying/Linguistics
  9. Teaching
  10. University Outreach

In order to apply for a GoCorps placement, you must:
1. Be between the ages of 21-30
2. Have either:
A. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university OR
B. Work and/or education experience that equip you for the track of service you area applying for
3. Be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident.

GoCorps accepts applicants from all academic majors, programs, and professional backgrounds and experiences.

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