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Walk Week

Walk With The Unreached!

Walk Week 2024 is July 29 - August 2 

5 Days - 5 Stories - 5 Walks
Our Annual Fundraiser and Prayer Mobilization Event

Registration Cost:
$35/adult or $70/family

3.1 billion people are unreached by the gospel. Walk Week is your opportunity to commit to five days of learning, praying, and fundraising for the unreached globally.

Be a Walker! 
>> Experience 5 stories and do 5 prayer walks praying locally and globally
>> Make it a fun and meaningful family event

Be a Team Captain! 
>> Multiply your impact by inviting 3 or more friends or create a team in your church

Get Your Church Involved! 
>> Great way to introduce GoCorps to your church

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Walker Registration

<Walker registration opens June 15>

Register yourself and your family here!


Team Captain Registration

Being a Team Captain is a fun and meaningful way to introduce your friends to GoCorps and our Goers!  Sign up now!


Church Registration

We love it when a church sees GoCorps as a way to cast vision for missions in the next generation.  Learn more or register your church

2024 Fundraising Focus

In 2024, our goal is to raise $25,000 for our innovative Final Mile Fund scholarship fund.  Several years ago, we started the Final Mile Fund to bridge the gap in fundraising for our Goers who have cultural and situational challenges to raising the funding for their GoCorps position within the required 14 week window.  The Final Mile Fund helps to ensure that all Goers are able to report to their two-year placement on time and fully funded!

Who are the Unreached? Unreached is a term that missions experts use to refer to whole regions and cultures who have too few Christians in their culture in order to hear the gospel. In most cases, this means less than 2% of their population follow Jesus. These places are mostly in North Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

However, being unreached is less about a person’s location and more about their lack of access to the gospel. Unreached people are not “more lost” than your neighbor or friend who doesn’t know Christ, but they just have overwhelmingly less opportunities to hear the gospel. Among unreached peoples, it is estimated that almost 90% of the people will never have a conversation with a Christian.

GoCorps Goers serve among the unreached and share the gospel in word and deed throughout their two year placement.  

How It Works

Register to be a Walk Week walker! Invite friends or organize a group from your church and you can all be on a Walk Week team together!

Receive your Walk Week Pack  including:

  • Daily prayer overview

  • GoCorps wristband 

  • GoCorps Walker gear

  • Daily Prayer Videos

During Walk Week, walk a mile each day while praying for Goers, the unreached, and your neighborhood. You can participate as an individual or a team.

Also, you can choose to raise additional funds through getting per mile sponsors.

Prizes for Biggest Walkers and Fundraisers

Frequently Asked Questions

Walk Week is a virtual event that you can do right where you are. We encourage you to do your daily walking in your neighborhood, but you are free to choose whatever location you want. Since it’s a virtual event, we will be keeping you connected and updated through daily emails, updates on this page, and we’ll encourage all Walkers to share their experience on social media.

All funds raised during Walk Week will go to GoCorps efforts to make two years of global service and mission to be the new norm for Christians after college.  Specifically, Walk Week 2024 funds will be dedicated to helping Goers from diverse backgrounds achieve their full funding on time through our innovative Final Mile Fund!

There’s not a specific way to do your prayer walk during Walk Week and there’s no right or wrong way to do them. The most important thing is that you walk each day, and that you take the opportunity during that walk to pray for the prayer points for that day!  Here's two articles we've written on prayer walking to get you started:  How to Prayer Walk - Four Reasons to Prayer Walk

There are many ways of doing prayer walks. During Walk Week, we are simply asking you to walk a mile each day, and to use that time to pray for the unreached and for Goers who are serving overseas. Each day during Walk Week, before you go on your walk, read the daily prayer overview and prayer points in the Walk Week Prayer Guide. Then, while you are doing you mile walk, take some of the time to pray for the prayer points for that day. You could pray out loud, silently, quietly. You could start by popping in your Airpods and listening to a worship song or two and then pray. Try a different way each day if you want!

If praying while walking isn’t something you’ve ever done, then this is an opportunity to try something new! Our hope is that Walk Week will be a refreshing time of talking with the Lord while you walk around your neighborhood and city. And we hope that it’ll be an informative and inspiring time as you learn about some of the ways that God is working through Goers and in the lives of the unreached globally!  

The funds raised during Walk Week do not go directly to a Goer but instead goes to GoCorps toward our mission of recruiting, coaching and training Goers. These funds are used by GoCorps to do the bread and butter of what we do: partner with collegiate leaders and digital marketing to promote the idea of living and serving globally for two years after college.

The ultimate goal of GoCorps is to place Goers to serve for two years among the least reached and to make a gospel impact both physically and spiritually in the lives of the people in the communities that they serve.

One way to describe what life and ministry looks like for Goers is the idea of having gospel interactions. A gospel interaction is any communication, conversation or act of service, kindness and love that is done in the name of Jesus by a Goer who has moved into the neighborhood of the unreached. Gospel interactions are how Goers cultivate the ground, plant and water seeds, and participate in the work that God is doing in their new neighborhood.

86% of the people who live among the unreached will never have a real conversation with a Christian simply because there are so few Christians living in their city and neighborhood. That’s why GoCorps sends Goers to physically move-in and live in these areas for two years.

Ministry and sharing the gospel among the unreached involves establishing relationships and trust, learning culture and language and lots of contacts and conversations. That’s why our Goers serve for two years… the work and the ministry takes time and builds on multiple interactions.

Mobilizing Goers to share the gospel among those with the greatest need is the reason why GoCorps exists. We want to enable thousands and thousands of people who don’t know Christ to have thousands and thousands of interactions with Goers who know and love Christ. Together, these communications and actions in word and deed are what opens doors to relationships, spiritual conversations and growing trust and openness.

Together, these gospel interactions are what it means to live a missional life, seeing your simple day-to-day actions and interactions as opportunities to live and share the life, purpose and hope that we have found in Christ.

All miles logged for Walk Week should be walked! For you runners and cyclists, we want you to slow down and focus on walking and prayer walking during this week. Further, to keep a level playing field, the individual and team Big Walker awards are designed around tracking actual miles WALKED!

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