Coffee and Conversation: Social Justice or the Gospel?

November 13, 2020
Live Chat with Coaching Team

What's more important when following God to serve among the oppressed globally?  Meeting the urgent physical needs and fighting structural oppression OR sharing the truth of Christ's love and the hope and peace that comes from giving your life to Christ and following him?    This is a question that is very relevant in our day!  For those who are fighting injustice, they are often cautioned not to lose sight of what's even more important than poverty and oppression:  the spiritual poverty of one's soul.  Or, for those that are church planting, observers will criticize the work on narrow and not done with love if the physical poverty is not addressed.

What if there was a third way?  What if it was possible to fight for justice with all of one's strength and at the same time care for and labor for the freedom and redemption of one's soul that can only be found in Christ?  This was the approach of the early church and for the earliest missionaries.  And it's what's needed in missions today.  Find out more in this month's Coffee and Conversation with our Coach team!

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