Coffee and Conversation: Do I need to be called?

October 22, 2020
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If you're like most Christians, you probably think that you need to have a lightning bolt type of calling to consider moving overseas for a couple of years.  I mean, that's radical, right?  So God must make his will clear to you by sending a light from heaven, or a whale to swallow you or a booming voice from above at the very least, right?  Actually, no.  There's a different type of calling that is needed, but not the radical 'lightning bolt' kind.  It's more subtle.  More nuanced.  But 99% of what God calls us to in life is by his leading, directing, 'calling' us in this other way. 

Want to learn more?  Our coaches would love to share with you about how the concept of calling has been flipped on its head, and instead of struggling to discern God's perfect will, they'll give you 3 key ideas that will help you discover a whole new way of looking at calling and how to discern God's will in the big decisions of your life.  Join us for this month's Coffee and Conversation with the Coaching team!  

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