Minneapolis Vision Dinner

Event type: 
Vision Dinner
Event date: 
November 10, 2018 - 5:45pm to 8:45pm
Event location: 
Edina Country Club - 5100 Wooddale Ave, Edina, MN 55424

The GoCorps Staff and Host Committee request the pleasure of your company as our guests for dinner. Reservations are required.  Please RSVP here

GoCorps Vision Dinners are the primary way that we have fully funded our one of a kind Student Debt Assistance matching fund.  We hope that you'll join us for an evening of vision, updates and storytelling.  Founder and executive director Paul Van Der Werf will give an update of what God has done through GoCorps in the past year, as well as share what's ahead in 2019.  We'll also here from our keynote speaker, Dustin Johson.  Contact Julia Van Der Werf (julia@gocorps.org) for more information

Our Keynote Speaker:  Dustin Johnson  

Until several years ago, Dustin and his family were living in a large urban center of a country closed to the Gospel in the Middle East, where they were building a unique project designed to create sustainable employment opportunities through a for-profit Kingdom business venture. They are currently in the States due to the political instability and overall security situation in their country.  During this season in the States, they are leading an outreach to Muslim refugees from East Africa in their hometown that involves working closely with the leadership of the refugee community to understand the community’s real and felt needs, and then attempting to assist them in meeting those needs, all as a demonstration of the love of Jesus.  In addition, they are also overseeing the development of a new initiative that is designed to facilitate long-term creative access for new workers to enter into countries in which it can be difficult to establish work.

About GoCorps

For almost a decade, GoCorps has been placing 20-somethings globally for two years of impactful gospel service. Many of these young people didn’t previously see themselves as part of the missionary landscape—until GoCorps helped them put their degrees and passions to strategic use. Now recent graduates are rising to the opportunity of investing two years of their career in ways that change their own lives and the lives of those not yet reached with the gospel. And the Church is helping mobilize a new kind of missionary. GoCorps exists to invite a new generation to find their place in God’s global work. We want to see two years of global service become the norm for Christians after college.