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Goer Alumni - Join GoCorps Staff Team!

Coming on staff with GoCorps as your next step... Here's what you need to know!

Joining GoCorps staff for one or more years is a great way to make a transition back to the US!  As a GoCorps alumni, you are uniquely positioned to be a mobilizer and mission coach with GoCorps.  You have followed God to the nations and joined his work.  You have grown in your faith and in your calling, and now God's calling you back to the United States.  

Over the years, some of our best staff have been alumni... people just like you!  Joining the GoCorps staff team will give you the opportunity to tell your story and the story of people and place where you served.  By telling your story at church, campus and conference events, you'll be able to help more students and young adults learn about ways that they could be a Goer.  As a coach, you'll be able to walk alongside interested students in their discernment and sending process.  A staff position with GoCorps is a practical way for you to help and encourage others to go to where you have been, to experience and grow in the ways you have grown and to see themselves as a Goer!

As a GoCorps staff member, you'll grow in public speaking, life and career coaching, written communication and in prayer.  Further, there are other special projects and ways that you can use your specific skill-sets and passions as a part of the overall work of GoCorps through our work teams of marketing, design, advancement, events, trainings and staff development.

This is what the process of transitioning from being a Goer to GoCorps staff looks like: 

  1. Talk with Paul or Katy! We'll start by getting to know more about your specific situation and longer term career goals and dreams.  Together, we can talk through if coming on staff with GoCorps is a good next step for you to explore.  Check out a alumni staff job description.
  2. Apply! for a position with GoCorps with this special Alumni Staff Application form.  Check out the job benefits of being on staff with GoCorps below.
  3. Transition Your Support Team!  When you accept an offer to join staff, we'll help you transition your current support team to keep supporting you through GoCorps and we'll help you raise the additional funds needed for a solid budget for ministry, travel and benefits.  
  4. Start Mobilizing and Coaching!  We'll get you trained to be a mobilizer and then you'll start visiting campuses and events, sharing your story and encouraging others to go beyond ordinary in their first step after graduation!

Job Benefits as a GoCorps staff member:

  • Starting salary of $33-40k/year depending on location
  • $2,500 student debt assistance annually (or Retirement saving match if no student loans)
  • Three weeks vacation to start
  • Travel and PTO to visit Goers
  • Travel to GoWeeks, annual staff training and recruiting events
  • Sabbatical policy
  • Short-term mission PTO annually
  • Health Insurance 
  • Flexible hours
  • Ability to work remotely

Our Team Culture:

We're a hardworking and diverse team who believes that together, as a small group of committed individuals, we can see big, cultural shifts in collegiate culture toward growing global involvement.  We have a start-up mentality, where creative ideas are given a shot, where everything is an experiment and there's lots of opportunity for growth and leadership.  We have a value of taking steps of faith and expecting God to do more than we could ever do in our own gifts.  We like to have fun, be goofy, and pray for each other.  We encourage a learning posture and a sense of adventure.  We work hard, but we don't do that at the expense of our families, churches and communities.  We are unique mix of people based around the country who've linked arms to make a difference in our generation.

Interested?  Apply here or reach out to Paul or Katy to learn more!  

To learn more about resources for GoCorps alumni, including the process of receiving student debt assistance matching funds, check out the GoCorps alumni page.

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